The fall of Rome & the US

The fall of Rome & the US
Part two

History is elementary
In this article I have endeavored to present the nexus which existed between the first century Roman Emperor –Commodus 189AD, and the twenty first century Emperor –Obama 2012AD. I also expose herein the social schism which eventually caused the fall of the Roman Empire. A fall which this nation is about to face. That is, this focal point between two civilizations is, as though history has shown US these crossed roads happen to exist for a reason. What history is saying is simply, make the course correction, or Die.

The President continues to do his level best to divide the populous in a class war pitting the one citizen against the other. And may I add, such tactics were effective in both the Roman Empire, and present United States of America. To explain this elementary concept, who is better qualified then an elementary school teacher who can articulate several relevant points quite clearly. That is, of course, with some assistance from me.

Here is how this story goes. A school teacher by the name of Danielle Kling wrote to a class in April of 1997, describing in simple terms a few pertinent events from Roman history. Though I quote the article, I have rewritten the essay for, shall I say, a more intellectual reader. It reads,
“Rome was divided into two social groups they were the rich and powerful patricians.” And, on the other hand,
“Plebeians, who were the farmers or shopkeepers.”
Then, as now, it is clear to see a social schism appear. In the 1960s era Saul Alinsky too, had a name for the two party schism, he called the rich and powerful parties the Haves and people like you and me Have Notes.

But listen carefully as the grade school teacher continues.
“Patricians (or Haves) were the only ones allowed to hold office and make up laws to cheat plebeians (or Have Notes) of their hard earned money.”
One thing here is for certain, the political chicanery has changed little, if any, over two thousand years. The powerful in government who incidentally produce nothing, cheat us by legally stealing – via taxes from those of whom actually labor for a society, producing products, goods, and services.

To continue,
“Plebeians (or Have Note) lived in tiny apartments in small square five story apartment buildings. They spent most of their time working and their children did not go to school.”
Which; is not hard to imagine in this century, because inferior education in public schools is used for suppression of the masses. Thus, insuring elitist both political power and civil superiority. Of which, indeed, adds up to ultimate control over the now stupid –hard working people. This tactic of educational suppression over the working class, as I have noted, is a two thousand year old pattern repeating itself.

Then came the zinger,
“Patricians (or Haves) had beautiful houses girls and boys went to school, but boys went on with more schooling called rhetoric education. They needed this education to get successful careers such as becoming a politician.”
No interjecting comments are required from me. Rhetoric education and politicians are, naturally, self-explanatory. Or do I need to mention only those, of whom, could afford it received the best education. Therefore one must consider the irresponsible Bush doctrine of “No child left behind,” a classic example of political rhetoric.

To continue, after the death of the first Roman Emperor Constantine who becomes a Christian, the teacher explains,
“Rome, then, was starting to decline. The armies had grown so used to being pampered, that they were weak. Taxes were out of control. One Emperor tried to rearrange everything, but it still did not succeed. The Empire was split in two. The Western Empire’s capital was Rome while the Eastern Empire’s was Constantinople, founded by Constantine. The two rulers worked side by side to help rebuild Rome but to no avail. Barbarians, attacked the wealthy cities and rich farmland, they attacked leaving Rome in ruins. The greatest empire of all time had fallen.”

This is a legacy that awaits America, akin to the republic of Rome; America is split into two distinctive political ideologies. The one ideology honors the Constitution and a Republic, free from government rules regulations, and its oppressive busy bodies. And the other quite simply, does not. Those of whom, oppose the Constitutional manifesto of freedom to choose refer to their political objectives as a “fundamental transformation” for America.

For one thing, the word fundamentalisms definition means –radical, ergo we can assume Obama’s statement really means a “radical change” in American policy. And furthermore this means a radical change from the unalienable or God given rights as a Republic which we once possessed. Whereby transforming two hundred years of American traditions into an Empire of authoritarian government of control. An oligarchy ruled by Emperor Obama. Think I’m wrong? Don’t bet your life on it. *

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The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire
Strikes Back
By Lawrence Vetere

Emperor Obama together with the disgraceful Washington politicians on both sides of the crony phony isle will soon be radically rejected leading up to the 2012 election. With that concept in mind the rejection may finally break the code of bipartisan cronyism which maintains the frozen status quo in Washington DC.

Before the ink was dry on the health care bill Emperor Obama, our new self appointed Caesar, and, his environmentalist muscle has, metaphorically, unzipped the fly of this thuggish administration, exposing the bare facts which hast emerged from the pit of darkness into the eyes of the populous. Peek –a –boo, Emperor, we see you.

The all too familiar Gestapo tactics implemented by the administration of forcing these illogical, irrational “health care” bills written behind closed doors down the throats of the people has, at long last, ended. We the people know who, and what these “Bills” are. And the words Socialist –Marxist, and Free American, will not mix. Ever!

Only now we recognize the fact, pandering to emotional driven leftist is an open invitation for more entitlement programs to distribute private citizen’s independent wealth to the government dependency programs. And, the programs have failed. Investing again in a liberal system of governing, that has failed, throughout history, time and time again is the professional definition of Insanity.

We now know, acquiesce to bipartisanship is, akin to appeasement. Which then, renders, the masses silent, as environmentalist extremists demand more and more rules, regulations and laws to oppress the conservative majority of people, now screaming –STOP!

The implementation of each law has resulted in mass tolerance towards our enemy, aka, the government, yet the enemy is not tolerant of the governed. Maxine Water, with her snippet remarks about the “Tea Party,” advises her fellow American patriots in the Party, to “Go to H*ll. It seems, liberal tolerance, has gone out the window!

The Empire revels in our silence demanding more and more and more of taxpayers’ money. For what, trillions spent in stimulus, which Congress is culpable for approving! Then, add to the mix. Outrageous unemployment, sky rocketing energy prices and very soon the Emperors’ conquest shall give way, as the second shoe is about to drop. It is called hyper inflation! Or, the end of “In God We Trust” and the beginning of “In Government We Trust.”

Ignorance, about liberalism is their strength. Words are the verbal prison of political correctness, whose strategy is to control with passive fear, fear of what we say, how we say it and, to whom. The sly leftists utilize passive fear in forcing terminology modification or censorship through fear, in –other –words. Get it? And to make matters worse, they do so with impunity in total disregard of the first amendment rights. But what else is new.

My point here is this –government beckons to be reformed or improved. However, to reform this authoritarian Empire via an amendment is an equivalent to –inconceivable, or in other words, this governmental Empire, has a snowballs chance in h*ll of being reformed, or for that matter, improved upon in any way.

So what is next? Simply put, these words of wisdom from the Declaration of Independence “It is the Right of the People to alter” the Constitution, which we cannot, “or abolish it,” which to me is eminent, “And to institute a new Government.” Which, we can and, should; in fact, it is our duty as citizens loyal to the Constitution and our God that we act- Now, before it is too late.

Be assured of this, Emperor Obama knows his time for glorifying himself draws close. The only question remaining is what he will do in the end. And, “That is the question.”

In Obama’s final year in office his altruism shall turn to rage, showing the signs of madness often equivocated with narcissistic egotists, as did the Roman Emperors before him. Pay close attention to his ghastly demeanor, as of late, the true Emperor Obama has begun to emerge. He expresses instability and malicious anger publicly, remiss of a Chicago hoodlum but, certainly not the President of the United States.

Emperor Obama is losing his composure, mark my words well, if the pressure of criticism along with ridiculing him is maintained, he will kick more than one door open as his “Royal Hign-ass” exits stage left. “Keep the pressure on” it will prove to be lethal.

The first signs have begun; notice his once patronizing mantra is now impeded by outbursts of anger. Emperor Obama now shouts in speeches, while waving his new baby, “The Jobs Bill” in the air as if he were a newspaper boy selling the daily news on the Chicago streets, “Extra –Extra –Read; All About It.”

Only, his frenzy of late seems to be over the resistance from Congress to pass his latest Marxist program -“The Jobs Bill –right away.” What is the rush Mr. President? Where is your Cool, did ya loose it? And, of course, we understand, these daunting problems are enough to infuriate any incompetent leader doing “On the job training.” By the way- the old high school door kick was a good touch!

Listen to me now, this is just the beginning. His inclination towards irrationality shall increase as the months leading up to the 2012 election, tick slowly by. Emperor Obama, as I have related repeatedly, is a Saul Alinsky trained “Community Agitator” and not a community organizer. His impudent persona has just begun to scratch the surface of public scrutiny.

Aghast at his real persona, even many politically challenge citizens, who thought Obama was the nation’s savior; have realized the error of their ways. His untenable belligerence, shall increase as he is backed into the wall of lies and deception constructed at his behest.

The very lies the Emperor made as campaign promises, that he reneging on, as if he never uttered the words, soon will haunt his every waking moment as they are dredged up from the graveyard where Obama had hoped they were laid to rest.

Patriots, be of good cheer, his dysfunctional speech, of late, clearly marks his downfall which lies ahead. Best of all, Obama is unaware. The demarcation from reality here can now be plainly heard in his egotistical and superfluous speeches containing three words, “I –and –I –and me.” as if the world revolves around him.

Such behavior is remnant of a nut about to crack. [Pun intended] Keeping the pressure on the boy Emperor –Obama’s short lived power trip as the President of the United States will result in; I am sure, the fate of his like minded narcissistic Roman leaders because –powerful Emperors and Dictators alike throughout History in Germany, Russia and the far East–have shown their insanity in the end. As they get it –in the End. Emperor Obama is, but one more.

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American Protesters Then…And Now!

American Protesters –Then –And Now
By Lawrence Vetere

The morning sun shone brightly off of the “Freedom Birds” silver wing as I awoke to hear the captains melodious voice instructing his passengers in the art of landing procedures. “Who gives a crap Captain!” I thought silently. Crushed into an undersized overcrowded plane where I could barely move my cramped body, I chose too exhaled a sigh, as a form of relief; all I knew was, the eighteen hour flight from South East Asia had come to an end, thank God!

Staring through the aircrafts small port hole of a window, I could not hold back the reactionary smirk arising from the right side of my face. There below me was a sight to behold, the unmistakable New York Skyline.

But instantaneously my mine became confused, how could this be? With my mind’s eye I could see, just a day before, myself running at full gate towards a slick, hovering one foot off the ground. Its props thumped the ground like the steady beat of Indian war drums. I recalled thinking, “Go Lawrence, go, five more feet, there is the door, get ready to dive in, this is going to be a close one.”

I could see the port side waste gunner jamming back the lever on the sixty caliber machine gun as a burly co-pilot kept waving a come on screaming -“Come on your clear…move your ass sergeant.” Diving for the open door -the strapped- in co-pilot grabbed the seat of my pants, in that split second the waist gunner let it rip, showering me in a hail of spent brass and, as he did …the pilot punched it. I may have been in the chopper, but it felt as though my stomach remained on the ground.

My head cleared and within moments, or so it seemed, the Boeing 707 aircraft banked right, geared down her thrusters as it made its approach to JFK International Airport. When something caught my attention, I scrunched up in my seat to see what it was, fixing my glimmering eyes and now smiling face on the twin towers of the “World Trade Center.”

Reality struck my heart like a thunderbolt, for me, the Viet Nam War was at long last, in my past, but the memories of those I left behind, living and dead would never be forgotten.

Suddenly, the vibration of brakes and the roar of reversed jet engines, within second, gave way to the thunderous cheers of some 250 men aboard. Despite the objections of the frantic crew, the elated soldiers through off their seat belts, stood up and began dancing in the isle. Others hugged perfect strangers, all adorned in different military uniforms. Pandemonium erupted as, teary eyed men, leapt across seats shouting “We made it!…We’re back in the world!”

Amidst the chaos of jubilation one could hear the Captain’s voice as it cracked in joyful utterance. He warmed the hearts of those aboard with three words. Words that were music to the sun scorched ears of warriors;
“Welcome Home Gentlemen.”

But, our momentary bliss would abruptly end in horror. For the first time in 366 day these warriors returned home, knowing very little of the rage they were about to experience from the college “War Dodgers.” Police lined the exit ports of the plane on the tarmac forming a line to hold back the vile loud mouth protesters.
The fresh air of freedom and the joy of returning home quickly turned to disgust for the protesters as they spat in gesture at the uniforms we wore with pride, holding signs reading “Baby Killers.” To our credit we ignored them as if they did not exist.

For those who served, our war was over; theirs, hast just begun!

And here they are once again, so we sing –
“New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town, the Bronx is up and the Battery’s down.” Or, so the lyrics go. Yes, “It’s up to you –New York! –New York!” In other words, you’re on your own with these protestors once again, clean up your mess, before it gets real ugly –as if it hasn’t already.

And so I say if people of this country think for a moment the Viet Nam War is over, guess again. This society remains at war with the same people we were fighting –back then. Not the Viet Cong of course, but, the same ideology, which has proven to be the irrational and illogical mind set of liberal emotionalism.

For the last fifty years America has endured the condemnation of radical activists protesters without repercussions, inactively watching while extremists elbowed their way through society demanding unrealistic utopian transformation of our Constitution –like it, or not. And, to make matters worse, their socialistic ideas remain dramatically the same, as if frozen in time.

It’s the old tiresome emotionalist driven class warfare rhetoric again, little has changed. “Down with the rich and greedy “Wall Street Corporations.” Whatever that means! And the truth is they simply don’t care what it means, this is what the anarchist leaders tell them to say, then hand them some “weed” and off they go, the good little wind up toys.

Here, once again as in the 1960’s, public places of assembly are besieged by, shall we say, all types of social –socialist –nonconformist doing pretty much as they please, wherever they please, to do it …and they do.. do IT; If you know what I mean.

Then to add to the stewing pot, the acclaimed “Community Organizers” or more accurately –agitators have redundantly deployed their protest plan throughout the country using the same tiresome tactics from decades ago.

Yes, it’s true; they are taking the same tired old “Saul Alinsky” style antics developed in the 1960s to the city streets of this country. Which incidentally, is where an anarchist believes, wars can be won or lost.

However, their fearless leader Alinsky warned the young student anarchists in rule number eight of his book; “Rules for Radicals” this tidbit of information quite clearly: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” And, as we see, this form of macabre protesting, whose political strategy seems to be illusive, even to the protesters on the streets of New York. It –the tactic; is recognizably, becoming a drag!

Nevertheless, let me point out, when, and more pointedly, why, this nightmare of civil disobedience fueled by emotionalist extremists protesters, began.

I the 1960’s, America stood in silent collusion, unable, or unwilling, to fess up to the problem –A Cultural Revolution had occurred on the streets. By using the war as a mask the politically correct elitist’s agitators went to work twisting terminology to cover up several truisms, the least of which was social “transformation.”

This 1960’s cover-up, of which I speak, was akin to a child hiding a forbidden “Cookie” behind his back. The foreboding truth was, and still is, liberalism had declared an erroneous war! Not against communism, or the oppression from the tyrannical North Vietnamese Army. Oh –No! Their war then, was, and has always been, a war of divisionism waged against their enemy, namely our Constitution, and the Republic for which it stands.

The anti – war protestors maintained a consistent demand for peace at any price. A price no liberal emotionalist would dare to fathom. Ignorance of the facts, in this case, may have been bliss for emotionalists; however, culpability to genocide is the result of inattentive ignorance. Especially since a victorious conclusion of the war effort, for America, would have liberated a country. And, in fact, unbeknownst to vast swaths of the populace, victory was within our grasp.

Despite severe warnings from our military experts militant protestors thoughtlessly attacked denigrating our forces with accusations of unsubstantiated atrocities. They relentlessly bombarded the American people, from coast to coast, with violent demonstrations expressing their hatred for America; eventually people grew weary of the constant battle.

Exacerbated, yet relatively uninformed, our citizenry pressured Congress’ to acquiesce to the chaotic demands too –“just shut them up!” Naturally, Congresses knee jerk reactions neglected obvious military repercussions from our enemy; thus dooming South Viet Nam civilians to massive murders at the hands of their brethren in the North, ending their civil war for liberty –in tyranny.

The news media fanned the flames of the 60’s protestors to keep the movement –moving. All this
hullabaloo of deception insured their contrite little secret of ethnic cleansing would be tucked far away from public scrutiny. In short, the main stream media chose to print propaganda canonizing the protesting mob of dissidents as a humanitarian movement for the salvation of civilians. Hypocritical Poppycock! Put lipstick on a Pig –it’s still a Pig.

Try for a moment to understand the emotional mind of liberal irrationality. Though, to most humanitarianism looks and sounds on TV and in newspapers everywhere, as if the protesters were protesting with “Good Intentions” in mind. Yet, all the while covert plans were in progress –America was undergoing the first steps to a “Fundamental Change,” from within, sound familiar does it not?

New York City is experiencing a small taste of the draconian tactics deployed in the 60’s. Then, as now, the protesters struck the core of good hearted, companionate people, via their emotions which is their – “weak spot.” Agitators are cunning they capitalized on –“weak spots” by directing our political frustrations towards the liberators rather than the agitator.

Most young naive students devoted little or no thought to the consequences of… “Cutting and running” from the Viet Nam War or any war for that matter. But, the protest organizers master minds surly did. To professional “Community Organizers,” the politically ignorant student protesters were nothing but fodder for the fire headed straight at the lawmakers.

Master minds of the Counter Cultural Revolutionary Movement would stop at nothing to restrain our military before it achieved a victory. Freeing a nation from oppression under communist rule would have diluted their power to nothing. The Movement would have just died.

Instead, the media recruited Hollywood to grapple with Congress, in support of the North Vietnamese Communist Regime. But, then again, hypocrisy from emotionalists, knows no shame. They are the, self –proclaimed, “Do Gooders” with “Good Intentions” for the daydreaming social order, so to them –the Ends justifies –the Means.

Thus, out of this madness arose an unmistakable message. It is crystal clear; protesting the Constitutional Establishment with the use of expletives “God D*mn” ….America! Which … Justifies the means too, and it gets a movement –moving.

Now! The same culture war has threatened America; this war has been festering in the shadows of the social elitist weapon closets, on both sides of the political isle for over five decades. The final battle that is emerging from the depths of intellectual h*ll shall make the war on terror appear docile in comparison. In the minds of “Good Intentioned” humanitarian environmental emotionalists the 1960’s era culture war has not ended, it has only just begun.

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The fall of Rome & the US

The fall of Rome & the US
Part One of a Two Part Series

A Revelation
On my Blog Talk Radio show this week I espoused a somewhat different way to understand President Obama, which has, for one reason or another, eluded me up until now. But alas, while driving home from my laborious endeavors late one evening a thought vehemently insisted on disrupting my navigational solace on the 405 freeway. Solace on the 405? I jest of course. Although, I argue physiologically, universal order can, and often does emerge out of disorder. Though solace while driving on the chaotic California freeway seems to be a contradiction in terms. It is not. Because with me, a mystical revelation is possible anywhere, providing of course, I have the ears to hear. Sometimes I do, other times not.
Nevertheless, this is what happened. The name from a movie kept “buzzing around in my head,” an adage I acquired from studying General Patten. Usually this relentless buzzing meant, I am being called to study something or someone for some purpose unbeknownst to me, at least thus far. Nevertheless, this time the name of the person buzzing around in my mind happened to be Marcus Aurelius. Vexed, I scratched my head saying aloud “Marcus Aurelius!” then realized that the name came from an outstanding movie I have viewed over and over again for a multitude of reasons, as I will explain. The movie, of course is “Gladiator,” and, the Roman Emperor at the time was Marcus Aurelius. And strangely enough, he happed to be a dictator who sought to return the rule of Rome back to the People’s Republic of Rome, from which it arose. In other words Marcus Aurelius was a man of honor who was willing to hand over to the people his power as Emperor, who, by the way, is also given the title of Caesar.
Once again, it’s also strange that I thought initially had been Marcus Aurelius whom I was drawn to study. But something else vexed, I knew in all likelihood there had to be something evading me. And there was. It soon became clear as to whom this study was truly about and as importantly, why. While researching material about the Empire my desire for direction and truth was quenched I further investigated its demise. Yet, within the research work some historical materials I found, much to my exasperation, pointed me in another direction, because the primary person, whom I was called to study, happened not to be about the honorable Emperor at all. But, the son of the Emperor named Commodus. Oh joy I thought. Commodus was no Caesar in deed or military leader at all, merely an impudent elitist aristocrat, who happened to be the son of Caesar. In fact, this self centered coward had no love for the office which he served. Or respect for the Roman people, worse yet, he usurped his military power as Commander of the dread Roman Legions through murder. He certainly would never relinquish his autocratic thrown, nor the power it possessed. Rumors at the time suggested he murdered his own father Marcus Aurelius in order to seize the power. Power which, oddly enough, only a few years later, he would pay for with his life as his narcissistic craving drove the boy Emperor to the brink of insanity. Where he met his fate, at the hands of an assassin.

Emperors Commodus & Obama
You see, Rome was once a republic. A republic is unique because it’s governed by the people, for the people. In a republic people govern themselves and have chosen Senators from among the people to relate the desire of the people to all factions of the Roman government comprised of the people, both civil and military alike. This, in order that the elected Senators whom are the people, make sure the government exists for the sole purpose of supporting the people, by relating the needs of the people and to carry out those wishes of the people who employ them. So, in the event this sounds people redundant, it was meant to. A republic is about the people, NOT government the people employs. Do you get what I’m saying? How about this, Power TO The People.
Too continue, shortly after Emperor Marcus Aurelius’s death in 180 AD Commodus at the age of around twenty five becomes Emperor of Rome. Although his father new Commodus should not rule. Nevertheless, despite Caesars ardent objection, the power fell to the son of an Emperor automatically without objection. Aurelius, the true Caesar, knew his son as an immoral man, and above all, his father new Commodus to be a narcissists who, for his own self serving gratifications would dishonor Rome, its people and the title of President, woops I meant Caesar, and he was right. Stay with me now.
One year after his father’s untimely demise the inexperienced egotistical Roman Emperor Commodus made his first serious military mistakes as Emperor. Before finishing his father’s military campaign that would have utterly defeated the invading Germanium tribes, Commodus opts to, in the vernacular of today, cut and run. He did so with the full knowledge of these barbarians of whom, waged war against Rome for years, in fact, in 9AD the barbarian tribes wiped out three full legions of Roman soldiers numbering around 15,000 men. Point being, they were a lethal force to be reckoned with.
Despite the facts, Commodus decided, for self gratification purposes, he had had enough of war. Opting rather, for his comfortable soft life in the Roman court where Caesar’s every whim would be satisfied. And, to make matters worse, boy Caesar had the power to sign a peace a treaty with the warlords of warring barbarian tribes. In doing so, Commodus knowingly cast the fate of Rome to their enemies, by trusting in a declaration of peace which would never come. Sound familiar, well it should. I’ll make my point momentarily. As a result Commodus a mere thirteen years after becoming Emperor of the most powerful empire on earth, as I said before, becomes paranoid and slipped into insanity before being murdered in 192 AD. The murderer himself was then murdered, poetic justice, one would think.
And just like Commodus, Obama has also implemented the same error in military judgment. He, Obama, signed a treaty with Russia called the START treaty, an acronym for Strategic Tactical Armament Reduction Treaty with the Russians, if you recall. If not, you were not paying attention to the Presidents intention. This treaty, in particular, is a useless agreement for America’s security. And, at the same time, advantageous to our advisory the Russian autocrat namely Vladimir Putin, the former Chief of the KGB, who by the way, has not forgotten his defeat in the cold war arms race, only two decades ago.
The nuclear missiles which the Russians will gleefully dismantle, while salvaging the deadly warhead of course, are obsolete. Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles or ICBM’s are as passé, as dos is to computers, there dinosaurs. ICBM missiles are more of a burden to the Russian military then an asset. Yet knowing this, Commodus Obama still signed a treaty which limits our newer missile defense systems, further weakening America in the eyes of the world. To add insult to injury, by signing the treaty Obama has also helped our enemy by allowing the Russians to update their nuclear missiles. Whose side is the President on? Now listen to this.
Remember the nuclear warheads I mentioned? Only time will tell what the conniving Russian leaders will do with their new found leverage, e.g. literally hundreds of nuclear warheads. That is, after laughing themselves silly at the stupidity of this American President. Do you think there is a market for them? Who, pray tell, would want a nuclear warhead, which could be modified to fit in the trunk of a car? Or a air freight crate delivered by our State Department under seal of diplomatic immunity we will never know, until it is – BANG, YOU’RE DEAD!

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Radical Rules….For Radical Rulers

Having tossed about the term Radical for a while, but not yet truly grasping the meaning of the term, one day I asked myself, what exactly is a radical? Then, resorting to the age old form of knowledge once referred to as a dictionary hopefully, one would imagine, there, is where correct diction and terminology related thereto is found. However, much to my chagrin, it seems the newer dictionary, namely Oxford Americans definitions definition, are so ambiguous that one could sit in pontification staring aimlessly off in space, mesmerized by this masterful literary quagmire. And to make matters worse, without resolution. Yet, conversely the Webster’s Collage Dictionary written in April of 1999 was clear, concise and directly to the point. In fact I was stymied by what I found in the word radicals definition or, more pointedly, it’s true meaning, took me aback. But, though unrelated to the subject, how and more importantly, why were the dictionary definitions changed? Though, this is a subject, in and of itself.
Oxymoronically, it seems the word radical is, in short, political fundamentalism. Or, in other words, one who goes to the root of where all things begin. Argo, political radicals are simply fundamentalists, of whom, believe in their roots. Radical conservative roots are lodged in a Constitutional Republic, commonly referred to as America. Whereas, liberalisms roots lie in what? I’m not sure what liberalism believes in; if anything. So then, what can we say, those religious fundamentalists of whom, are rooted in faith of our Constitutional Republic, or, in a higher power as described in the scriptures are radicals, then so be it.
The question is, then also are agnostics of whom, believe in nothing, or anything whatsoever radicals? Of course, these radicals are rooted in nothing, or anything, sound irrational or illogical or just plain stupid? It was meant to. This is the philosophical madness known as liberalism. At the same token, if anyone can recall our history these agnostic elitists’ liberals were, the educated epistemologists of their time, or so we were told. And, as philosophical existentialists they naturally did, one would imagine, comprehend the theory that all of humanity, according to their eidetic, are free agents responsible for their actions. Guess not. Did we miss class that day? Hmmm.
In this essay I argue several positions from different angles, kindly bear with me. When writing, I often paint a picture of political gloom and doom, and rightly so, mainly because, the short range outlook for this Constitutional Republic of the people is, to say the least, bleak. The dragon of liberalism has worked its magic through attrition. Though the long range outlook may, too few paying attention, seem disastrous, however, my mystical senses say, the game is far from over. With some provisos that is, the least of which is a populous willing to bring the fighting of this war of ideals to the enemy. And by all means, stop sitting in silence. And two, get off their fat ass, of which the former I don’t do, and the latter I have not.

“Actions and articulations are one, as silence is surrender.”
First off, radical conservative fundamental roots are derived from faith in a Devine creator, namely God. Like St Tomas Aquinas, the French philosopher Jacques Maritain held that there was no conflict between faith and true reason, that religious beliefs was open to rational discussion, and that the existence of God and certain fundamental religious beliefs could be philosophically demonstrated. Religious beliefs, then, was not an attitude or a matter of private preferences; it was a matter of “truth.” So to me, much like Maritain, one must choose between “the true God or radical, irrationality.” My words exactly, save two; illogical and stupid. This I’m sure the reader will be delighted in, this concludes my philosophical and or mystical views.
Secondly, aside from the philosophical order there is the psychological. So I digress once again too my argument that a military strong America is the only answer to having a safe America. And this, just so happens to be, the one, and, the only constitutional requirement of the federal government. And that is, our security. But it would seem, this President is more intent upon acquiescence to aggression then steadfastness. Which then, leads me to a simplistic question, what is the reason, and why?
As I have pointed out in other articles the utmost significances in determining the strength of a leader is quintessentially, a person’s character. Because, as one could imagine, this human trait we call personal character implicitly denotes how he or she will react to a given set or circumstances. And let’s face it, Obama is a philanthropist, his words reek with surrender, and appeasement, which is nothing short of fear. How do I know this? It is obvious to those who have the ears to hear. Let me explain in psychological terms that anyone can comprehend, it’s not rocket science. And by the way, the word psychology is derived from the Greek word meaning sprit. Not mind, as we are led to believe.
The truth be told, each and every one of us is equipped with an intrinsic reference point, that at some point in our lives we chose, which, becomes our true nature or personality that we project to everyone. This reference point is either one of two, “self – referral” which is faith related. The other nature is, in Obama’s case, called “object – referral.” In object – referral one is always influenced by objects outside the Self, which includes situations, circumstances, people, and things. In his case Obama is constantly seeking the approval of others. Hence, the bowing to our adversaries. In this Presidents thinking, his actions and also his behavior are always in anticipation of a response; it is therefore based in fear, fear of being disliked.
Persons who use object – referral feel an intense need to control things, also the need for approval, and the need for external power. In object – referral, the internal reference point is the Ego. The ego, however, is not who we really are because the ego is our self – image; our social mask if you will, the ego is the role we are playing so to speak. The reason I bring this point up is, our social mask thrives on approval and as previously mentioned, that is why Obama bows to world leaders. Because in his ego based mind he needs their approval to sustain his massive Ego which, in part, is derived from the title and power he holds as President of the United States. But, Ego based power is false power, as he will soon experience, lasting only as long as the title is there. Once his title is gone, so then is his power. And, may I say, in Obama’s case, what many of us are thinking, the sooner, the better. So, what does all this psychological clap trap mean? Indulge me for just a moment longer while I explain further.
Albert Pine the great patriot put it this way;
“Whatever we do for ourselves dies with us, whatever we do for others remains immortal.”
General George S. Patten Jr. admitted, to some degree, his defeat of the feared “Desert Fox” a German Field Marshal by the name of Erwin Johannes Eugene Rommel an officer, and truly a gentleman, in part, was due to the fact Patten was clever enough to read Rommel’s book before engaging in the battle with this most formidable foe, a battle some say changed the course of the North African campaign. For one to succeed find a person whom you admire and mimic that person. Like Patten I have read Saul Alinsky’s book, I now know his tactics and understand how to win the war, and, that is utilizing; Radical Rules for Radical Rulers.

Too conclude;
“Alinsky’s techniques and teachings influenced generations of community and labor organizers, including the church-based group hiring a young Barack Obama to work on Chicago’s South Side in the 1980’s.” Now a Radical Ruler.
Chicago Sun-Times

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What’s Wrong With Washington…….Everything

What’s Wrong with Washington… Everything
How then to begin. Let me see, let me begin in Saul Alinsky’s enlightening book “Rules for Radicals.” In his inspiring book he underscores his masterwork of radicalism with rules, while setting the stage for his clear and simple explanation of his rules for those of whom, seek to radicalize politics. And that is me.
Now do pay close attention to his intention, which is a statement I often use because intention is everything. For the politically challenged (in Chappaqua) Alinsky’s is, for the most part, a de facto extremist tactical militant, whose tactics are so profound that I am remiss at referring to them as effectively brilliant.
And may I add, I have made his rules for radicals my study guide to combat for, the restoration of this republic. That is if restoration were possible. But I’ll give it a shot, as it were. Furthermore, I vehemently suggest you all, that is the mighty middle class of America, as the cliché warns, be taught to “Know your enemy.” Which, it just so happens to be the crux of this essay, in that it is all of the elected in Washington, who are the enemy of the middle class.
Alinsky begins his rules; “Always remember the first rule of power tactics; Power is not only what you have but what your enemy thinks you have.”
The fact of this matter is President Reagan, as you may recall, brought down the empire of the former USSR an acronym for Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. Or, Russia, for those of you in Chappaqua N.Y. Reagan utilized the very same tactic, a bluff or threat of military superiority was exactly what our enemy thought we had. The Russian Communists leaders feared Reagan believing he would do what he threatened. Thus Alinsky’s ninth rule: “The threat is usually more terrifying then the thing itself.”
Conversely let’s delve into the power of this President who cannot, nor will not, make decisive decisions in a timely manner. Insists upon bowing to foreign leaders as if he were a bell hop working in an exclusive hotel. This is not power to our foreign enemies, yet, oddly enough, his actions indicate power within the elitist in Washington. Go figure. Still mindful Middle Americans thinks he has, more power then he actually does. And, there hangs another tale. The question is is Obama the Wizard of Oz he proclaims? Or, is he an oxymoron and merely the blowhard bag of wind I have alluded to in other articles.
Now relax your mind, think like an artist, a mystic, a seer, listen and learn from your Rabi Lawrence. The satire you are about to read is meant to amuse, while precipitously proclaiming somewhat vexing altruisms in parable form. In other words, find the truth in the entertainment. And readers, this takes thought, so think!

Words from the Wizzie
With the smoke and mirrors of a masterful magician Obama, Aka – the Wizzie of Oz, is successfully changing this free nation, founded upon unalienable or God given rights, into a socialistic fascist state of governmental oppression. This liberty bestowed upon us has now been imprisoned by an oligarchy ruled, not by the few, but the one, him. The one the only “The Wizzie of Oz, deluxe, ya gotta just rap your arms around the story. As it were.
Though my rendition is strewn with sarcastic fall-de-raul one must face the sad facts of just whom this President, think he is? In that, the people of our nation are finally waking up to the political characid being bestowed upon them by this, this Wizzie. Mark my works people; he will proclaim, in his never ending arrogant tone, how he alone will change this fragile Republic into the utopian dream of “The wonderful land of Oz.” And of course, this utopian dreamland is nothing more than a fabrication of the irrational, illogical stupidity called liberialism. And by the way, he is.
The story goes something like this, Obama speaks….(your reaction)
“Folks I told you, I even promised you I would fundamentally change this country, and I never brake a promise (with the exception of all the other promises that is) so watch me closely because, whether you middle class menaces like it or not, it’s all about me. So, now you see your Constitution, your individual Bill of Rights and this liberty thing; and now you don’t, poof, it’s all gone!
And now, you stupid people, for my next slick trick (don’t you mean change ?) the Wizzie elitist shall perform a feat that is so amazing that you will be left breathless. And also, you conservative knuckle dragging apes will never see this slick Chicago move coming. So keep your attention on that idiotic reality show you have been watching. In the mean while the masterful, all powerful, all knowing Wizzie, has neutralizes all of your Senate and Congress replacing them with my czars, right before your very eyes. But, do not worry, I promise everything is just fine. I know it sounds like Russian Marxist Communism, but trust me, it is not. Not much, kinda, sorta.
Woooshhh, with my Gestapo of Czars I screwed your legislative branch, there neutralized! More like castrated, I would say but, whatever, a paper tiger by any name is still a paper tiger.
Thank you, thank you folks, thank you (but there is on applause) and there you have it (have what?) folks, no more Senators and Congressman to hold me back from paying for every bail out bribe I promised my friends and, the best is there is no accountability, no paper trail to bog me down, so, Presto! Chango! Trillions gone.
And soooooo, the Wizzie will now take all the money, you common folks were throwing away on worthless Senators and Congressman for military defense programs, and I will show you another magic trick of change. Hope you like it, but I do not care if you don’t. The Wizzie will once again amaze you now using myself proclaimed superior elitist intellect, as egotistical as it may be, so bare with me through, yet another long winded lecture (or else) as I humiliate you masses of slaves with my next trick. Just sit there, do nothing, and above all, shut the Hell up!
Only, this time my action is for your safety, your security and you’re protection of course. Now remember all that money I saved you, (watta guy) from those spending junkies. You know them; those RINO’s who handed me over trillions of you dough to give away. The legislators who are traveling around the world having a wonderful time while you slobs are unemployed and, at your expense. Well, (here we go again, bend over) to further demonstrate my superior intellect here is what the all great and all powerful Wizzie is going to do with the money I alone saved. I will form a civilian police force, as I promised in the campaign, as strong, if not stronger then our military, just like I said I would, I love using the word I.”
He continues, need a barf bag anyone? “Now, let me be perfectly clear, don’t worry, these police are not brown shirts with black arm bands. No no, these are not what was called the secret police who worked only for the Fuhrer, those guys were bad guy who would not eat their peas. I have created something new like Hope and Change. I will demand more money from you slobs to fund my new civilian police force, a force one hundred times stronger than the military. And they will be everywhere from now on, to protect you, and, to keep you safe from bad guys.
Since they get there orders directly from me, whatever they do will be what I order them to do, I promise you that. When they order you to surrender your dangerous guns, do not resist, I will keep the guns safe, this I do for your own good. I do not want any more shootings by gun waving conservative’s randomly killing rapists and armed robbers; these poor misguided alleged perpetrators are people too. They must receive due process of the law whether they’re here legally or not. I mean, who knows, maybe they have a good reason for being violent, maybe their mommy didn’t hug them enough.
And so, my civilian police (?????) will be there for your protection, you will love their new white electric cars with rainbow bumpers. Their new bright pink uniforms will have a badge saying DPW or The (all powerful) Department of Public Works. Trust me your guns are not necessary for self defense. Here is why, for your added protection, I am going to give you, free of charge, a micro chip implanted under the skin of your hand with the number 999 on it. Or was that 666? If you should face danger of any kind, simply click your heals together three times and the secret police will magically appear out of nowhere, just like I did. So have no fear, Obama is here.”
From his book “Rules for Radicals” Alinsky wrote these insightful words; “In the midst or the gassing violence by the Chicago Police and National Guard during the Democratic Convention many students asked me, Do you still believe we should try to work inside our system?” (Meaning governing system)
Being the master of political tactics he was, he answered; “Do one of three things. One, go find a wailing wall and feel sorry for yourselves. Two, go psycho and start bombing- but this will swing people to the right. Three, learn and listen. Go home organize, build power and at the next convention, you be the delegates.”
And, they did, but who were his students, one might venture to ask? Does Howard Dean ring a bell? How about Hillary Rodham Clinton who in 1969 wrote in her senior thesis a response in defense of Alinsky’s method of community organizing? And last, but not least, the appointed 2008 campaign managers for election of then delegate Barrack H. Obama, who is now, president elect.

Liberty’s Time Is UP!

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“The Congressional Budget Act”

“The Congressional Budget Act”

“And Now the Real Story”
As the late great Paul Harvey once said.

A story written by Michael W. McConnell who was the Assistant General Counsel of the Office of Budget Management and is now a Professor of Constitutional Law at Stanford University touched upon a topic most have evaded. He said this, “This game of budgetary chicken is against the law for several reasons.” The least of which is honesty. Mr. McConnell goes on to say, and rightly so about Obama’s sudden desire to appear cooperative but, at the same time being serious by jettisoning his contrite clichés about Band-Aids and the like. “The President’s evident purpose is to put the blame on Republicans for failing to come to an agreement. But the absence of any written budgetary documents and the closed-door nature of the negotiation sessions make it impossible to tell which side is being serious and which side is being intransigent.”
He continues, “In 1974, Congress enacted the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act, which sets specific deadlines and procedures for raising revenue, setting spending priorities, and adjusting the debt limits-all in the sunshine of the public scrutiny, with objective evaluation of all plans by the CBO.”
That said however, let’s face the cold hard facts of this administration, it has, and will, continue to operate as if it were above the law, while thumbing its nose at the “general public,” which, judging by their actions, they loathe. This is a Chief Executive of whom, was indoctrinated in the Alinsky School Community Organization. Trained as a dissident too circumvent the constitutional laws as if no one will notice, or worse yet, no one will dare to challenge. And to date few have tried for fear of racial reprisals. What’s more, for no other reason.
But, rather than belaboring the hideous jargon contained in the bolts of literature on the subject of the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974, and running the gauntlet of having one’s eyes glaze over in shear boredom, instead, I will cut this subject to the quick. Prudence here is pertinence. Take for example the term “Byrd Droppings” into consideration while trying not to snicker, and reframing from the allure towards crass euphemisms. The term is an actual Congressional Act, not to be confused with Senator ( KKK) Robert Byrd, sorry I couldn’t resist. Seriously though, known as the Byrd Rule (section 313 of the Budget Act) this rule allows Senators to raise what is referred to as “Points of Order” against provisions in the reconciliation bill that are considered extraneous, or, in other word irrelevant, or, unrelated to the subject. Now get this.
As the professor stated in the article, President Obama proposed budget was so out of touch, (or, extraneous) with economic and political realities that the Senate rejected it by a vote of 97 to 0. And may I add, this is a united 100 percent majority decision from a democrat dominated Senate. And, this is same Senate that could not get together to pass a budget since 2009, yet in the same breath voted unanimously against a Presidential budget proposal. So then, need one question just how out of touch with reality this President really is? I think not.
Still, the real store here is a simple one, it can be summed up in one straight foreword word, and, that word is transparency. As McConnell put it, “The Budget Act was designed to force all competing plans to be disclosed publicly and evaluated according to the baseline and criteria.” Here is the heart of the matter, “A real budget would specify the changes so that the public could compare the two alternatives, thus forcing accountability on politicians in lieu of the typical Washington blame shifting. Let the people decide whom, is full of what.
Transparency, from this President? I think not. Now hear this, as we said in the Navy. From Alinsky book Rules for Radicals, prologue xxiii I quote.
“In the midst of the gassing and violence by the Chicago police and National Guard during the 1968 Democratic Convention many students asked me, do you still believe we should try to work inside the system?”
Alinsky was no fool as a teacher he new subversion was the key to Americas demise. Pay close attention to his intention as he advised his radical students he advised this.
“The answer I gave the young radicals seemed to me the only realistic one: do one thing. One, go find a wailing wall and feel sorry for yourselves. Two, go psycho and start bombing – but this will only swing people to the right. Three, learn a lesson. Go home, organize, build power and at the next convention, you be the delegates. ”
Obama listened, Obama learned, and he Obama, dutifully obeyed, and Obama is now the number one most powerful person in the world. Sorry to say folks, short of a civil war, the worshipers of the state have won, we are doing too little, too late. And so, I give you – The Office of The President of the United States of America.
As the Oath mandates – “So help us God.”

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Liberty’s Life OR Death in…..2012

Liberty’s Life OR Death in… 2012
“Obama’s Last Stand”
As the apex of a new era rapidly approaches this formally economically thriving republic must, once again, recognize it is time to grapple with my version of the mythological dragon. Aka, liberalisms god of governmental power, the all mighty dollar. This creature is adorn with seven heads, some of which are power, control, environmentalism and humanitarianism, but one aspect of its appearance has becomes clear, that is, they are all green, and all mean. And make no mistake about it it has positioned itself squarely at the White House gate, poised to decimate its foe, the governed. The only question is, can, or for that matter will, its conservative adversary possess the intestinal fortitude to slay the governmental beast it has allowed to fester in the shadows for decades? As Shakespeare proclaimed… “That; is the question.”
Do recall though, I have in the past, redundantly stressed, in war which this is, there is but one winner. The other side is nothing but a loser. And may I add, in order to save this republic from economic tyranny, the righteous right, must not, and cannot lose this war. Obama knows, this economic war will be his last stand. His energy policies have failed as the price of foreign crude skyrockets, the unemployment rate sores to depression levels, and the Obama Care debacle cat, is out of the bag. Much as an animal caught in a trap that will gnaw off a limb rather than face certain death, this President will do whatever it takes to survive his Presidency. Including, but not limited to, making speaker Boehner “An offer he cannot refuse.” Which, I am sure Obama has already made behind closed Washington doors.
So then Lawrence, what do you suggest? I thought you’d never ask. In my not so humble opinion, to defeat the rampant spending beast of liberalism, this Republican dominated congress must demand “across the board spending cuts.” Stop the bleeding. Remember, liberalism has to date advanced its entitlement agenda through attrition. Tireless, never-ending, attrition. Mostly because they are cowards, cowards prefer to undermining the social order while cowering behind closed doors in the shadows rather than confronting opposition through discussion or debate. Primarily due to the fact this administration has no plan. To wit, I say this; Lady Liberty has neither the time nor the patience to endure any longer, our strategy is simple, an economic revolt. Cut off the money.
The backlash reaction or economic revolt from the morally competent, namely conservatives, is terrifying to liberalism, so Democrats and RINO’s conceal their fear with threats and accusations which thwarts efforts of budgetary accountability.
And much to my chagrin I see few fighters, even fewer warriors willing to voice an open verbal fight. I hear nothing, nothing besides some gowns tantamount to constipation which, a change in diet from “Eating your Peas” to spinach like Pop-eye would cure. And of course, there is the usual harrumphing of a politician stuck for words, if that were possible. So, where is the objection to closed door meetings from the Republican controlled congress? Where is the outrage for violating the 1974 act which clearly demands a public oversight? Where is the anger from our Conservative Congressional Officials? The answer is, there is none. Nothing but silence, and worse, acquiescent silence. And silence has, over the years placed the conservatives in liberalisms box where we find ourselves now.
Either liberalism has “Struck the Sheppard and scattered the sheep?” Or, is the poker hand they are playing merely a desperate ploy, a rouse, smoke and mirrors? One must remember, Obama’s strength, is his lies, his deceptiveness and his misdirection; he is, The Wizard of Oz.  Also, Obama’s choreographers with names that remind me of Holderman and Erlichman.  Who, vainly attempt to humiliate citizens with childish clichés meant to demean the Constitutional minded populous by the reapplication of the word radicals. In the mean time, Obama uses colloquial terminology as if he were one of the boys. Come on now Mr. President, start acting like one. “Time to take the band aid off!…. Time to eat our peas!” Sadly, this is the commander and chief speaking. And, the man is not kidding. In his mind everyone in this country is stupid in comparison to him, and, that is okay. This is why. Because narcissistic personalities such as his are, too say the least, fallible. In fact, his ego is the chink in his armor opponents should be looking for. Want more proof, Obama has handpicked this administration to serve him, not this republic. Who but a narcissist would choose slow Joe Biden as his VP? Yhup, There is NO leadership competition there. None what so ever. Therefore, I predict, in the long run, this regime will unravel akin to a roll of toilet paper rolling downhill.     I predict his intransigent nature will be his “Waterloo.” And, Obama’s last Stand. Augmented by public distain, coupled with legislative pressure this little boy, in presidential shoes will crack. This is why. This foolish President has taken an ardent economic stance for liberalisms crown jewel of economic devastation; this is, of course, “Obama Care.” Which, unbeknownst to the Democtatic Senate is his nemesis, “Obama Care is the millstone he has tied around his politically drowning neck that, if anyone were paying attention, would observe, he will endeavor to continue treading water with it, rather than discard the abomination of his own creation.

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“Can you dig it…..Liberalisms the Bigot”

“Can you dig it….Liberalisms the Bigot”

I was raised on the east coast, thirty miles or so outside of New York City. To me and those of whom I was raised with, the color of ones skin, financial status and nationality meant nothing. In fact, I had never given such issues any thought, ever. Why would I? In the early 1960’s my parents acquired real estate in the state of Florida where our family would vacation in the solace of a quaint, relatively isolated southern town called Crystal Rivers. In fact, the town was so small that if passersby, streaking down Highway One at mock one speeds, so much as blinked their eyes, they would miss it. Hence the solace.
The hegemony, which then was the South, the populous in general, typically despised the northern invaders. One could sense, the loss of the civil war still loomed over the older southern gentleman like a bad odor. And, to make matters worse, vast swaths of the pristine state were being consumed by the white legged snow buzzards Yankees from the north. This, one could easily imagine, increased the hostility fanning the flames of bigotry. But, not whites against blacks, this blood feud was, white southerners against any northerner. See, there’s was a way of life. A code, a creed to live by, bigotry as defined had become the staunch, ridged way the back woods Deep South once thought. Yet, as all things in life, over time, it too changed. Because, change, is inevitable.
For one thing though, bigotry is not what the liberals would have us believe. And as it happens liberalism is the bigot. Here is the dictionary definition; “a person who is extremely intolerant of another’s creed, belief, or opinion.” That is liberalism. Those who doubt listen to Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi or up- Chuck Schumer speak, these are minds akin to a bear trap, or Beck’s my acronym for Bigot First Class. However being masters of manipulation leftist liberalism implements ego projection in order to squelch our arguments. And up until now the righteous right let them.
By using the indoctrination of political correctness liberalism has maneuvered the indifferent, patient, polite Judo-Christians onto obscurity, via fear and, intimidation. However, incarceration of the soul lasts but a short time until one day, which has arrived, capitulation to the bully of the authoritarian fist of liberalism, no longer works, change, is inevitable. The truth must be told. The whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God.
And a truth be told, through intimidation liberalism has totally stifled, the truth. Let me explain. Leftists can, and do, use any and all forms expletives when speaking, which denote ones moral and educational character, however, sacrilege to them has nothing to do with neither virtue nor morality. Blasphemy to leftists is the use of the (N) word. A word that I agree is, or has become an unnecessary racial slur. But why? In the Deep South the word once was common place, black people were no more offended by the term then if you called them black, in fact calling them black was offensive because their ancestor’s race is Negro from the continent of Africa. A race of people which they were proud of, Black was, to those I knew, merely the color of their skin. A laudable analogy I noted.
To continue the story, for spring recess my friends and I would borrow my Mom’s car and head for our two week free for all in our Florida home. We were all raised as polite fun loving clean cut kids who enjoyed each other harmless antics. Intoxication was not our inclination, but meeting those of the opposite sex was definitely in the game plan. But first there was commitment, not to girls but to my parents so we cut the lawn and tended to our house as part of the agreement I made with my parent for the vacation. Albeit, boys would be boys, once while painting a room an incident occurred where one miscalculated, (or not) swipe of my roller over Andy’s hand rapidly degenerated into a hilarious paint fight. So, coincidentally painting a room would invariably require an additional day to clean up the mess. (If Mom only new) This action would perpetually be followed by two hours of vigorous swimming races in the river behind our house. Ostensibly to remove painted body parts along with any lingering retribution, though recriminations as to whom was culpable, lasted for hours. But I digress.
This remote neighborhood lied at the brink of the vast Florida everglades. Shaded with hundred year old Weeping Willows trees, adorned with Spanish moss this land was home to a multitude of creeping, crawling, and slithering critters. Habitants thereof were akin to the Willow tree, frozen in time. These traditions became their way of life set hundreds of years before, handed down through generation after generation. These were modest homes, with few amenities northerners were accustoming to. Local inhabitants were friendly enough to talk too many of whom had Negro friends who seemed to be like family, and they were. They soon grew fond of me and my friend who, at time, when disengaged from comical brouhaha’s, would volunteer to help neighbors with odd jobs. And therein lead me to an unexpected reality which our society has long forgotten, or has been, intimidated and bullied into forgetting.
The southern sky’s shone clear as the hurricane pasted leaving tree limbs spread across the dense crabgrass lawns. So, I volunteered my help to our next door neighbor, old Mr. Dutton and his Negro friend Ben with our ominous household tasks, despite the threat of alligators from the nearby river turning our legs into lunch. But before I explain the enlightenment I was about to receive, know this. To gain respect in the Deep South one must exercise respect, always. Older men were referred to as “Sir” woman as “Madame,” always, period. If called by an older southern man, “Hey you boy” which was typical, a snappy response when called, would be “Yes Sir” not yah or what, but, Yes Sir, only. This reaction, or one like it, possessed the uncanny ability to open a door, which invariably led to the southern way of life at the time. A life steeped in hospitality, tradition and family honor, though their way of life was, for the most part, greatly misunderstood. And, worst of all easily perverted by liberalisms racial activist. Both black and white, allow me to explain where all the bigotry actually emanated from.
For the most part people are, when in a relaxed state, verbally lazy. Southerners, with the famous gift of combining two well known words, You and All, or all of you into “ya-all” set the stage of this defense of this forgotten southern culture. At any rate, we, as Americans, do enjoy short cuts in diction. The illustrious name of Lawrence becomes Larry in its stead; Victoria becomes Vicky, and so on. So, after only a few days trying, often to no avail, to carry out a coherent conversation with Mr. Dutton who’s thick Sothern drawl was part of his intrinsic nature I opted to listen rather then speak. But his frequent use of the word Niger in reference to his best friend Ben aroused my curiosity. Politely and diplomatically as I could I inquired as to the use of the word.
To the best of my recollection, this was his, simple, honest and heartfelt answer, “ Larry boy, ta no these parts, ya gotta understand, we er liken ta these people, hell boy we were raised wit me. There negro’s an dam proud of it, so we call me what they err, Niger’s like we always did. Justas nuttier way of saying negro, aunt it?” The truth be told, to this day it brings a tear to my eye when I recognized, the love, respect and admiration Mr. Dutton held for his friend. And, in that moment I finally understood the intention of the word Niger which was never meant to demean the race but conversely, to honor it.
Believe it or not, liberalisms political activists of the civil rights movement knowingly and purposely extracted a word from southern speech, knowing full well the intention of the word as it applied to the southern culture. These draconian activists twisted its intended meaning making it the expletive above all others. Yet that word was merely the southerner’s use of the word Negro honoring a race they called, Niger.

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Hell hast No fury…..Like A Woman Scorn

Hell hast No fury…..Like a Woman Scorn

Sat Jun 11 2011 20:33
Hell hast No fury….Like a Woman Scorn It seems, mainly to traditional Americans, that is, those of whom hold dearly our Constitutional rights. And those who wish to secure the blessings of liberty. Warriors, we have grappled with the dragon of liberalism for long enough. Realizing that extraneous words, euphemisms and their ability change their mantra, a tactic which was used in the election of this pugnacious President last, is, shall I say, tantamount to the inhalation of this republic. And, of course, the values which its citizens “pledge allegiance” thereto. Yet, a bastion of a freedom remains unscathed. This defender of a free republic haunts the very soul of liberalisms reprehensible desire to eradicate western society. Along with it it’s Judo – Christian God. But, who is this credent of which I speak, this – this impudent malcontent who has willfully reneged upon her civil duties as a governor. Dared to utter the truth within the political arena , this could be none other than, the former Governor of the great state of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Who is, as we all know on national tour, taunting the government sponsored news media with antics which are quintessentially beyond the irrational illogical minds of the liberal elitist’s reporters comprehension. And it also seems her elusive carousing about the country side without their written permission is somewhat exasperating to the finite minds of liberalism. One can only imagine the trifacta of harrumphing which takes place around the meeting table in liberal news rooms when the question is posed where is Palin? The consternation over their once effective strategy to disembowel this – this thing, must be hilarious. I can hear them now “what do you mean she refuses to divulge her scheduled destinations.” While a stream of expletives used to describe Palin’s gender, flow from their disgusting mouths the myopic reporters scramble in dismay trying, as best they know how, to keep pace with their nemesis. But to no avail. Soccer Mom Sarah mocks their obvious chicanery with good old American resourcefulness, wit and to their unsophisticated finite minds, has, no doubt, simply out thought liberalisms, self proclaimed,( Ivy League) elitists. Somewhere in the bowels of the past presidential election, within the Republican election party, someone, or some crony political fraternity, stabbed soccer Mom Sarah in the back. Of this, I am suspect. Imparting if you will, “A woman Scorn.”And now, a perilous foe has emerged. Safe within the ramparts of her strong mind she, poised as soccer Mom Sarah, hast only just begun to release her fury upon those with blood on their hands. But to start the blood lust, first the worst, the press. For some people, men included, coercing new reporters is a daunting challenge. However, soccer Mom Sarah is not, by far, one. Do not be fooled by the seductive aura which surrounds her, for though she is feminine, consider this, so too were Spartan woman. Yet don’t be confuse about what I am relating here, what I am saying is this. Soccer Mom’s are akin to the so called main street American woman. Who, when called to action, as illustrated in World War ll, possess the uncanny ability to alter their intrinsic nature from nurturing to a no nonsense war materials machine. Which, by the way, out produced our enemies and coincidentally, due to the efforts of soccer Moms who transformed themselves into “Rose The Riveters,” America emerged the victor. So there is no wonder why a political protagonists like Sarah Palin are so popular, because, she is US, she is America. And the rabble in the state sponsored media wants her head on a pole. To me observing the elitist media inclinations to ensnare soccer Mom Sarah is a joke. She is miles ahead of them, their tactics and their stupid questions. This is how I liken the confrontations. Picture this, Palin is, with one hand, holding these reporters by the nose, between thumb and index finger. While, with the other hand slapping them on the back of their head, than, as they run away whining she kicks them in the ass. The reporter’s extraneous and often derogatory remarks of her intellectual capabilities are but a haughty excuse of their own ignorance. Miffed by soccer Mom Sarah’s unique ability to evade, and then incapacitate the elitist’s reporters pernicious personal slander TV orators defer precipitously to chronicles of her past namely her old emails, what’s next, her underwear size, what she eats or other mundane issues of personal irrelevance. But let me say this for the record. In short, soccer Mom Sarah is toying with the elitist’s reporters much as a cat would play with a mouse, but I warn, when this lady cat is finished playing with this mouse. An elitist dinner will be served. Indeed, the news media’s worst nightmare is the mere thought of Palin’s bid for the White House; a white woman in the white house drives liberalisms elitists to the brink of madness. And I mean both republican along with democrats. The question remains however, is she in the rat race, or not? For one thing “the blood feud” is, just that, a feud. Those who live by the feud are focused on their adversary, determined to win the battle, and will not give up the fight. And this lady is, out for blood. Gota love err!

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