The fall of Rome & the US

The fall of Rome & the US
Part two

History is elementary
In this article I have endeavored to present the nexus which existed between the first century Roman Emperor –Commodus 189AD, and the twenty first century Emperor –Obama 2012AD. I also expose herein the social schism which eventually caused the fall of the Roman Empire. A fall which this nation is about to face. That is, this focal point between two civilizations is, as though history has shown US these crossed roads happen to exist for a reason. What history is saying is simply, make the course correction, or Die.

The President continues to do his level best to divide the populous in a class war pitting the one citizen against the other. And may I add, such tactics were effective in both the Roman Empire, and present United States of America. To explain this elementary concept, who is better qualified then an elementary school teacher who can articulate several relevant points quite clearly. That is, of course, with some assistance from me.

Here is how this story goes. A school teacher by the name of Danielle Kling wrote to a class in April of 1997, describing in simple terms a few pertinent events from Roman history. Though I quote the article, I have rewritten the essay for, shall I say, a more intellectual reader. It reads,
“Rome was divided into two social groups they were the rich and powerful patricians.” And, on the other hand,
“Plebeians, who were the farmers or shopkeepers.”
Then, as now, it is clear to see a social schism appear. In the 1960s era Saul Alinsky too, had a name for the two party schism, he called the rich and powerful parties the Haves and people like you and me Have Notes.

But listen carefully as the grade school teacher continues.
“Patricians (or Haves) were the only ones allowed to hold office and make up laws to cheat plebeians (or Have Notes) of their hard earned money.”
One thing here is for certain, the political chicanery has changed little, if any, over two thousand years. The powerful in government who incidentally produce nothing, cheat us by legally stealing – via taxes from those of whom actually labor for a society, producing products, goods, and services.

To continue,
“Plebeians (or Have Note) lived in tiny apartments in small square five story apartment buildings. They spent most of their time working and their children did not go to school.”
Which; is not hard to imagine in this century, because inferior education in public schools is used for suppression of the masses. Thus, insuring elitist both political power and civil superiority. Of which, indeed, adds up to ultimate control over the now stupid –hard working people. This tactic of educational suppression over the working class, as I have noted, is a two thousand year old pattern repeating itself.

Then came the zinger,
“Patricians (or Haves) had beautiful houses girls and boys went to school, but boys went on with more schooling called rhetoric education. They needed this education to get successful careers such as becoming a politician.”
No interjecting comments are required from me. Rhetoric education and politicians are, naturally, self-explanatory. Or do I need to mention only those, of whom, could afford it received the best education. Therefore one must consider the irresponsible Bush doctrine of “No child left behind,” a classic example of political rhetoric.

To continue, after the death of the first Roman Emperor Constantine who becomes a Christian, the teacher explains,
“Rome, then, was starting to decline. The armies had grown so used to being pampered, that they were weak. Taxes were out of control. One Emperor tried to rearrange everything, but it still did not succeed. The Empire was split in two. The Western Empire’s capital was Rome while the Eastern Empire’s was Constantinople, founded by Constantine. The two rulers worked side by side to help rebuild Rome but to no avail. Barbarians, attacked the wealthy cities and rich farmland, they attacked leaving Rome in ruins. The greatest empire of all time had fallen.”

This is a legacy that awaits America, akin to the republic of Rome; America is split into two distinctive political ideologies. The one ideology honors the Constitution and a Republic, free from government rules regulations, and its oppressive busy bodies. And the other quite simply, does not. Those of whom, oppose the Constitutional manifesto of freedom to choose refer to their political objectives as a “fundamental transformation” for America.

For one thing, the word fundamentalisms definition means –radical, ergo we can assume Obama’s statement really means a “radical change” in American policy. And furthermore this means a radical change from the unalienable or God given rights as a Republic which we once possessed. Whereby transforming two hundred years of American traditions into an Empire of authoritarian government of control. An oligarchy ruled by Emperor Obama. Think I’m wrong? Don’t bet your life on it. *

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