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My 12 year old daughter Justyn Angel
Febraury 2010

Victoria & Justyn Angel
March 2010

For years I have read many politically informative books admiring the knowledge and understanding of the talented authors that wrote them until I realized while listening to Talk radio that I had gained a uncanny understanding of politics myself, so much so that as they spoke I knew what they was going to say before they said it. That is when I decided to write use my own style to express the serious political arguments in a new and fresh way for the average American person to think about.

In my sixty two years as an American I have experienced the changes in this country that frankly have citizens of all ages disenfranchised about the direction this country is taking politically. The slow agonizing erosion of morals, values and Christian religious freedom should be a priority and a form of disaster control for all Americans. But to do so first the people need to completely understand the years of conservative silence that attributed to this spiritual decay. Years after I served my country with the Army Corp of Engineers, I found myself compelled to write a book pointing out to the reader where and why America went wrong which started most of the deep rooted problems. America should face the Dragon of Liberalism and truly understand what actually politically transpired in the 1960s. These ideas used in this book are spoken from a war veterans point of view as it pertains to the political hoax portrayed on the people that has not been faced, once understood it will light a new way of the future.

I have been in my own business for over 30 years, I started at the age of fourteen operating a five ton track driven earth mover for a road that is on the New York State road map in the county of Westchester to this day. After ten years or so of on the job training with some of the most highly skilled Italian immigrant professionals in the construction industry who taught young men like me the required self discipline and pride in ones work necessary to be the best.

This training was the key element in launching my own general contraction business years later. As the real estate market boomed in the 1980 I invested in purchasing and developing retail buildings for rent, once fully occupied they were sold for a handsome profit Today I write to millions of frightened conservative Americans who are desperately searching for the answer to the perplexing question, "What the heck happened to the country we knew?" our countryman are starting to see the results of decades of national political neglect that now threatens their freedom, liberty and the constitution we live by. We have posted segments of the book on our blog site the overwhelming enthusiasm of the readers tells the whole story of how hungry readers are for the simple truth. The political audience made up of mostly average people like me are sick to death of polls and unrealistic percentages of nameless and faceless people. The so called news media is losing creditability we do not trust what they say nor the garbage they are feeding us, if the news media thinks the people are that stupid to believe that a large portion of Americans support a government that is suppressing the people with dictatorial regulations for our own protection brother do I have real news for you. Those in the news media, and the egotistical elitist drinking their narcissistic cool aid are about to see a counter revolution to the 1960s revolution.

The intention of this book is to provide common sense explanation to unanswered questions about how we got here in a truthful logical way that the voting public can relate to. This new straight forward approach to political interpretation of past and current events will electrify conservatives; this enormous percentage of traditional Americans has clearly had enough of listening to our public officials in elected office.

Lawrence Vincent Vetere

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