The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire
Strikes Back
By Lawrence Vetere

Emperor Obama together with the disgraceful Washington politicians on both sides of the crony phony isle will soon be radically rejected leading up to the 2012 election. With that concept in mind the rejection may finally break the code of bipartisan cronyism which maintains the frozen status quo in Washington DC.

Before the ink was dry on the health care bill Emperor Obama, our new self appointed Caesar, and, his environmentalist muscle has, metaphorically, unzipped the fly of this thuggish administration, exposing the bare facts which hast emerged from the pit of darkness into the eyes of the populous. Peek –a –boo, Emperor, we see you.

The all too familiar Gestapo tactics implemented by the administration of forcing these illogical, irrational “health care” bills written behind closed doors down the throats of the people has, at long last, ended. We the people know who, and what these “Bills” are. And the words Socialist –Marxist, and Free American, will not mix. Ever!

Only now we recognize the fact, pandering to emotional driven leftist is an open invitation for more entitlement programs to distribute private citizen’s independent wealth to the government dependency programs. And, the programs have failed. Investing again in a liberal system of governing, that has failed, throughout history, time and time again is the professional definition of Insanity.

We now know, acquiesce to bipartisanship is, akin to appeasement. Which then, renders, the masses silent, as environmentalist extremists demand more and more rules, regulations and laws to oppress the conservative majority of people, now screaming –STOP!

The implementation of each law has resulted in mass tolerance towards our enemy, aka, the government, yet the enemy is not tolerant of the governed. Maxine Water, with her snippet remarks about the “Tea Party,” advises her fellow American patriots in the Party, to “Go to H*ll. It seems, liberal tolerance, has gone out the window!

The Empire revels in our silence demanding more and more and more of taxpayers’ money. For what, trillions spent in stimulus, which Congress is culpable for approving! Then, add to the mix. Outrageous unemployment, sky rocketing energy prices and very soon the Emperors’ conquest shall give way, as the second shoe is about to drop. It is called hyper inflation! Or, the end of “In God We Trust” and the beginning of “In Government We Trust.”

Ignorance, about liberalism is their strength. Words are the verbal prison of political correctness, whose strategy is to control with passive fear, fear of what we say, how we say it and, to whom. The sly leftists utilize passive fear in forcing terminology modification or censorship through fear, in –other –words. Get it? And to make matters worse, they do so with impunity in total disregard of the first amendment rights. But what else is new.

My point here is this –government beckons to be reformed or improved. However, to reform this authoritarian Empire via an amendment is an equivalent to –inconceivable, or in other words, this governmental Empire, has a snowballs chance in h*ll of being reformed, or for that matter, improved upon in any way.

So what is next? Simply put, these words of wisdom from the Declaration of Independence “It is the Right of the People to alter” the Constitution, which we cannot, “or abolish it,” which to me is eminent, “And to institute a new Government.” Which, we can and, should; in fact, it is our duty as citizens loyal to the Constitution and our God that we act- Now, before it is too late.

Be assured of this, Emperor Obama knows his time for glorifying himself draws close. The only question remaining is what he will do in the end. And, “That is the question.”

In Obama’s final year in office his altruism shall turn to rage, showing the signs of madness often equivocated with narcissistic egotists, as did the Roman Emperors before him. Pay close attention to his ghastly demeanor, as of late, the true Emperor Obama has begun to emerge. He expresses instability and malicious anger publicly, remiss of a Chicago hoodlum but, certainly not the President of the United States.

Emperor Obama is losing his composure, mark my words well, if the pressure of criticism along with ridiculing him is maintained, he will kick more than one door open as his “Royal Hign-ass” exits stage left. “Keep the pressure on” it will prove to be lethal.

The first signs have begun; notice his once patronizing mantra is now impeded by outbursts of anger. Emperor Obama now shouts in speeches, while waving his new baby, “The Jobs Bill” in the air as if he were a newspaper boy selling the daily news on the Chicago streets, “Extra –Extra –Read; All About It.”

Only, his frenzy of late seems to be over the resistance from Congress to pass his latest Marxist program -“The Jobs Bill –right away.” What is the rush Mr. President? Where is your Cool, did ya loose it? And, of course, we understand, these daunting problems are enough to infuriate any incompetent leader doing “On the job training.” By the way- the old high school door kick was a good touch!

Listen to me now, this is just the beginning. His inclination towards irrationality shall increase as the months leading up to the 2012 election, tick slowly by. Emperor Obama, as I have related repeatedly, is a Saul Alinsky trained “Community Agitator” and not a community organizer. His impudent persona has just begun to scratch the surface of public scrutiny.

Aghast at his real persona, even many politically challenge citizens, who thought Obama was the nation’s savior; have realized the error of their ways. His untenable belligerence, shall increase as he is backed into the wall of lies and deception constructed at his behest.

The very lies the Emperor made as campaign promises, that he reneging on, as if he never uttered the words, soon will haunt his every waking moment as they are dredged up from the graveyard where Obama had hoped they were laid to rest.

Patriots, be of good cheer, his dysfunctional speech, of late, clearly marks his downfall which lies ahead. Best of all, Obama is unaware. The demarcation from reality here can now be plainly heard in his egotistical and superfluous speeches containing three words, “I –and –I –and me.” as if the world revolves around him.

Such behavior is remnant of a nut about to crack. [Pun intended] Keeping the pressure on the boy Emperor –Obama’s short lived power trip as the President of the United States will result in; I am sure, the fate of his like minded narcissistic Roman leaders because –powerful Emperors and Dictators alike throughout History in Germany, Russia and the far East–have shown their insanity in the end. As they get it –in the End. Emperor Obama is, but one more.

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