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A thought of my Love….

NIV Verse of the Day

Luke 1:46-47

46 And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord 47 and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,

NIV Proverb of the Day

Proverbs 2:6

6 For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

Christian Quote of the Day – May 27, 2015

Jesus taught men to see the operation of God in the regular and the normal – in the rising of the sun and the falling of the rain and the growth of the plant.

– William Temple

Pray that thy last days, and last works may be the best; and that when thou comest to die, thou mayest have nothing else to do but die.

– Vavasor Powell

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The quantum world of spirit

Science-Physics-or Mysticism

Posted on December 20, 2011 by vls

Science –Physics -or Mystics

The quantum world of spirit.

Personally, my argument against the present administration, with its numerous political calamities, is their covert approach to communication. In other words, there isn’t any. Perhaps, now that I’ve thought about it, my argument is more in the form of a warning, then a debate.

This article, in some ways, should, if understood correctly, denote the sense of urgency indicating, the imminent altercation with this obscene ideology of liberal propaganda from the leftists attack machine. I feel, at this juncture, any verbal dispute is –too little, too late –as I’ve said before on my Blog Talk Radio Show. What then is next? A civil war, plain and simple; a violent bloody conflict looms on the near horizon. Oh, it’s not a matter of if civil war is to occur –it’s only a matter of when.

It’s also, not a matter of if the US economy will collapse –it is also only merely a matter of when. To understand my argument that civil war is imminent one must first apply “Common Sense” an adage which seemingly, has eluded all of our elected officials in government office. The term “Common Sense” as I define it, is simply the rational logic utilization of acquired knowledge. Yet, therein lies a caveat. In order to decipher knowledge correctly one must first be attentive or –vigilant –or cautious. Call it what you will.

However, attentiveness, under the best of conditions is often difficult. So, the methodology I am professing here is simple too, yet to most, mysterious. This is due to the fact that humanity, for the large part, has lost touch with simplicity itself. Our lives have become a rather vast array of complex electrical devices that exist ostensibly, to aid humanity. But do they?

For example if we take away the use of an adding machine or calculator or cash register from a large number of college students surveys have shown they are incapable of simple addition. Point being, removing the laborious task and mental duress of adding easy numbers is not prudent. The reliance upon a machine, in lieu of the human mind, has weakened attention of the mind –not strengthened it.

Having said that, I would like to briefly turn your attention to [there’s that word again] and touch upon, not just the nature of knowledge found in science and philosophy; but religious faith also. That is, the elusive spirituality of my favorite word –Mysticism. Basically because, for the most part, there are different “kinds” of knowledge as related to one another; I contend there are different “orders” of knowledge acquired through the use of attention.

Logically speaking, scientific knowledge is the knowledge of the mind, I call, “head” knowledge, a logical rational attribute to say the least. This form of knowledge is acquired through studying, reading, learning and comprehending information provided.

Whereas, Mysticism is derived through “heart” knowledge, or the spirit, which is of course, totally incorporeal. Whereby prompting mankind to question its origin, or validity. Yet great inventers, artists and musicians claim their ideas came to them through this mystical realm.

The scriptures put it this way, “For those who have ears to hear hear what the spirit says.” Naturally everyone has ears the scripture is speaking of the hidden ear within the human heart.

But, human nature tends to tune out the mystical realm, whereby turning off their spiritual receivers, so to speak. These receptors are tuned into the collective spirit of consciousness. However, it is this consciousness that exercises the mystical muscle of the human spirit. We either, “use it, or, loose it.” Using it is, sort of like, paying attention with our sub consciousness rather than our conscience mind.

But to do so, participants first need to be tuned into the cosmic message. That massage quite simply it is freedom, freedom to choose is in many ways our individual right. And above all, the freedom is contained within our republic.

The massage I am communicating now has been ignored by people for too long. For example, the people of The Republic of Rome who, knowingly, handed their freedom to chose over to a Caesar –a dictator. Much as the liberals and moderate people of America handed over our Republic to Emperor Obama.

Even though the heart of Rome was a free republic, human nature nevertheless, sought the path of least resistance. Complacency overwhelms humanity in that the populous is lulled to sleep preferring to be governed by dependency to autocratic dictators. Rather than the laborious task of self governing, Rome, should have listened to the mystical collective correlates of the spiritual message.

Romans some 2000 years ago stood as our warning in history who witnessed their fragile republic decline into darkness before their eyes. As we now see, the Republic of America being decimated from within at the behest of our politicians in Washington.

But what then is this collective spirit of consciousness? The answer may to some sound strange or extraneous as related to the subject. But it is not. Because, the collective spirit, is far beyond the realm of scientific knowledge or reason, it exists within the realm of quantum mechanics, where mysticism and spirituality Rhine.

It is therefore, the exact opposite of irrational emotionalism. It is the quintessential essence of the human creative spirit, and not the brain. It is where the creative spirit of logical imagination exists.

Look at it this way. America was founded upon a positive or Godly collective consciousness which bound our civil society together. Thus forming a vibrant social order which then, blossoms into a republic we call the United States.

On the other hand, a collective consciousness of evil thoughts, such as in Nazi Germany, came to power because their people did “too little –too late.” As a result, this regime of evil destroyed the reputation of the German people. And put to death most of whom chose to follow it. To this day, the iron doors of death camps in, Dachau –Auschwitz and Treblinka stand as mementoes to, “Evils gates to Hell.”

Frankly speaking, for the collective consciousness too be effectively orchestrated, it must occur in the creative spirit of the masses. Once an idea is accepted by the collective conscience it will then reach, what physics calls, “the critical mass.” This is where new creations are often formed, oddly enough, without the conscience mind thinking about it, as in this case.

“In 1941, H.G. Wells envisioned an atomic bomb that would produce a continual radio active explosion in his fictional book The World Set Free. For Hungarian physicist Leo Sziland, the novel triggered his fascination with unleashing the energy within an atom. In 1933 while crossing the street in London, Sziland realized the possibility of a nuclear chain reaction.”

Arguments, pro or con about the atomic bomb are not the issue here. However I will say this, after reading The Manhattan Project based upon the factual events surrounding the implementation of the atomic bomb.

One thing is for sure, Hitler’s Nazi Germany possessed the nuclear physicists most of whom were German Jews. These physicists were months away from the discovery of nuclear fission. It was Hitler emotionalism, his searing hatred of Jewish people which drove a number of physicists out of their homeland and into the open arms of our scientific community. If Hitler realized the stakes involved, then stifled his egotistical emotions, there is no doubt we would be speaking German today. Or in my case, my tattoos might be a Nazi lamp shade. But I digress.

With any new creative idea that is presented to the collective spirit, it begins with just one person, as it did with Leo Sziland. It is not too much to say hopefully my version of the collective conscience may in some way inspire a “critical mass” of political like mindedness. A like mindedness geared towards the salvation of this nation, whose belief is our Constitution and our freedom to choose give us by God.

In 1991 a Cambridge Biologist by the name of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake turned the science community on its ear when he proposed the theory of “Morphic Residence.” Sheldrake’s experiments indicates events that occur have a persistent field influence he call the M-field and can increase the likelihood of similar events. In other words, like mindedness resonates with others of like minds.

Here is how it works. Let’s say, for argument sake, as I relate a new, enthusiastic, rational idea to others, the idea then catches on spreading like fire through, “like minded” people with no verbal communication.

Logically speaking, the outcome would be a revolutionary one of epic proportions. As a result the few, who heard the new idea from the one, then become the many, instantaneously. This occurs at light speed without having to learn the concept. Stay with me now;

Five years after Szilard’s realization, scientists in Germany, England and America still did not know which element would create a chain reaction. Then, by Accident, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann were able to split apart uranium atoms in Nazi Germany on December 21, 1938. Almost instantaneously physicists in England, America and Italy received the same information and as a result Enrico Fermi escaped from fascist Italy to become the engineer who constructed the casing in which the bomb was held. Despite the fact Fermi could not speak a word of English he was able to relate information on how to construct the device called “Fat Boy” the first atomic bomb. The rest is history.”

Where did the information we needed come from? Two sources, both which come from the mystical realm. The first is “good luck” the second is the collective spiritual conscience of mysticism Or vis-a-vis which I can’t be sure of.

Some quantum physicists refer these phenomena, by which these ideas or information travels faster than the speed of light, as a “qwiff.” Or, a quantum wave function, other physicists use different theory’s, which I covered called “morphic resonance.” Where, akin to homing pigeons, “like minded” humans receive directional knowledge where it seems formally, none existed.

I delve further into Dr. Sheldrake’s hypothesis in my article entitled, “The Hundredth Monkey Theory” posted on my Blog site at; WakeUpAmericaAndFaceTheDragon.com.

Though scientific knowledge is the basic theory in splitting the atom and physics provided the mathematical equations, the ideas come from neither.

The idea was born from the fantasy world of a fiction writer’s creative conscience, transferred to the mind of a physicist where the idea became reality, in theory only. Once again, mysticism, through what was called an “Accident,” turned a theory into fact. Spiritual knowledge is an eye opening process of mystical information. By which events, both historical and current can be fundamentally transformed. These events, as I have pointed out, can and will change the world for good or for Evil, the Freedom to Choose, is ours.

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Hello…Is this thing on?…

But perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the Third Reich’s deeply manipulative and seductive propaganda—and especially the sense of invincibility and inevitable triumph that it sparked in the hearts of true believers—is how ludicrous and, in the end, how perfectly mistaken it all was. Yes, Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, Goering and the other genocidal gangsters did unleash a murderous nightmare in Europe, and for a few years—a very few years—it might have seemed as if the Nazi drive for domination was, in fact, unstoppable.

But then something happened that the Reich did not intend. Free people stood up. Britain resisted, mightily. America (finally) entered the war in December 1941 and along with the Soviet Union, the British, the Free French and so many other Allies, set about systematically demolishing the “invincible” German forces. Hitler’s Thousand-Year Reich lasted a little more than a decade, and when it was destroyed, its architect killed himself in a squalid underground bunker.

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Where We Find Ourself Today!

There exists a law in physics that actions have consequences and to every cause there is an effect. From the inception of the Declaration of Independence, Americans were admonished by our forefathers to secure the blessing of liberty. Rather than doing so, this nation became stuck in a quagmire of complacency. Its lethargic populous has been lulled to sleep by conciliatory utterances of disingenuous politicians being flagrantly untruthful to their constituents. Wake Up, America–Face the Dragon provides a close-up look at the mistaken ideas that have shaped our country and what we can do to combat their progression in society. The malignant narcissism of both political parties requires a philosophical journey into logical perceptions of who we are as a civil society and our political and spiritual values.
In this brazen expose, L.J. Vetere soundly contradicts the leading mind-sets of the culture. Apathetic American youths are embarking upon the wide road that is leading to our destruction rather than taking the road less travelled. We now live in a world that is tantamount to national socialism where our individual sovereignty has been eroded away by the domestic enemy within, and, the autonomy of individuals dwindles whilst the great dragon of oppression is daily fed. America, nay freedom itself, finds itself standing upon the eve of destruction awaiting the day of evil to arrive. Wake Up, America–Face the Dragon portrays a mystical insight into politics from the moral and traditional observation of our forefathers. Age old scientific, political, and religious dogma shall finally be clear to those with common sense.

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Getty Images

“The Beatles have no future in show business,” wrote an executive at London’s Decca records as he turned down the chance to sign the Liverpool group in 1962. “Groups are out; four-piece groups with guitars, particularly, are finished,” he carried out, before signing up Brian Poole and the Tremeloes instead.

Blunders like that are enough to put anyone off attempting to forecast what might happen over the next 12 months. Even so, focusing on the potential surprises and shocks of the year ahead is a good way of thinking about stuff that might happen — but which has yet to be priced into the market.

There are plenty of thing everyone knows will happen in 2014. The Federal Reserve will carry on the winding down QE but keep interest rates close to zero. The Italian government is expected to collapse. The French will introduce some crazy new taxes. All that is already taken for granted. But here are six things that might catch us all by surprise.

Opec prices oil in bitcoin

There has been speculation for months about whether bitcoins might be accepted as legal tender by a major developed nation, whether the Chinese will accept them, or whether big web retailers will take then instead of conventional currencies. But the big breakthrough for digital money is more likely to come from the oil cartel, OPEC.

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Target offering steep discounts after data breach

In the wake of a massive data breach, Target may have suffered another blow—reduced customer traffic over one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. The number of transactions at Target slipped 3% to 4% compared with the final weekend before Christmas last year.

For decades, oil has been priced in dollars but key member states such as Iran, Algeria or Angola are not particularly friendly to the United States, even if they are not quite as hostile as they once were. They have been making noises about switching the price of oil out of the American currency for years, but have never quite managed to agree on alternative.

The euro was a runner for a while, until it started to implode. But what about bitcoins? It is a global currency, with no central bank trashing its value, and it might well prove a better store of value for countries that know their oil won’t last forever. If any single move establishes bitcoin as a serious monetary rival to the dollar, that will be it — and there will be more than a few wry smiles in Tehran over that.

Apple bids for Sony

A generation ago, Sony SNE -0.34% was the company that manufactured the cool, must-have gadgets that everyone wanted. It decided it needed to control software as well as hardware if it was to sustain its success, and went out and bought film studios and records labels to feed the content for its devices.

Fast-forward two decades, and Apple AAPL -0.07% is the cash-rich manufacturer of must-have gadgets, but it is running out of innovations, and needs something to re-invigorate itself. It can’t be long before Tim Cook decides Apple needs content to feed into all those iPads, iPods, and soon to be launched iWatches. So how about buying an ailing Sony? With one move, it can make itself a big player in content. And, as an added bonus, it can learn something about how to make televisions and games consoles as well. It is not as if it is short of the cash — Sony is only valued at $18 billion, which doesn’t count as much more than lose change at Apple these days.

France invades Syria

The economy is in deep trouble. The president is beyond saving in the polls. The country needs deep reforms, and its own currency back under its own control, but no one is yet ready to give up on the euro. So what will the French do? Probably what nations have always done when they need to distract themselves from big domestic troubles — start a war. President Francois Hollande has already shown himself to be a remarkably bellicose leader for a man who appears so mild-mannered, dispatching French troops into Mali and the Central African Republic. But he will need a bigger war than that to stop people wondering why the economy is in a triple-dip recession when the U.K. and Germany are growing again. How about invading Syria? With the civil war claiming mounting casualties, it won’t be hard to claim a moral case for intervention — and the rest of the major powers might just be happy for the French to do the dirty work for them.

Italy restructures its debts

MarketWatch Interactive: CUTTING THE CABLE CORD
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Italy was always known as a country with high inflation. Not anymore. In Italy, inflation dropped to just 0.6% in November, lower than in the U.S., U.K., or indeed, Germany. It is only a whisker away from outright deflation. But this is also a country with one of the highest debt-to-GDP ratios in the world — 126% of GDP. Falling prices and massive debts are the most lethal combination known to economics. By the end of the year, Italy will have no choice but to restructure — and with the world’s third bond market, that will send shockwaves throughout the financial system.

South Africa starts an emerging markets crisis

Not long ago, South Africa was meant to be the S in the BRICS, alongside fast-growing Brazil, Russia, India and China. With the rand in steep decline, and with growing budget and trade deficits, and with slowing growth, it can hardly claim membership of that club right now. At some point in 2014, the ratings agencies will downgrade South Africa, foreign money will flee, and the country will be in a full-blown financial crisis — and that will trigger a wider sell-off in the emerging markets.

Europe faces a constitutional crisis

Most people in Europe have long regarded the elections to the European Parliament as about as interesting as a Soviet-era lecture on tractor production — and as about as relevant to their lives. But the 2014 elections will be different. A wave of parties hostile to the European Union itself will score big victories, from the U.K. Independence Party, to the National Front in France, Alternative for Deutschland in Germany, and the Freedom Party in Holland. They will form a majority. The Parliament has more power than most people realize — it is just that so far, controlled by EU enthusiasts, it has been happy to support the Commission. A newly-elected anti-EU majority won’t be so supine, throwing out the budget, blocking legislation, and vetoing the appointment of commissioners. After the elections, the EU will be in a full-blown constitutional crisis — and the currency will be the first victim of that.

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Wake Up America-Face The Dragon

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