Hell hast No fury…..Like A Woman Scorn

Hell hast No fury…..Like a Woman Scorn

Sat Jun 11 2011 20:33
Hell hast No fury….Like a Woman Scorn It seems, mainly to traditional Americans, that is, those of whom hold dearly our Constitutional rights. And those who wish to secure the blessings of liberty. Warriors, we have grappled with the dragon of liberalism for long enough. Realizing that extraneous words, euphemisms and their ability change their mantra, a tactic which was used in the election of this pugnacious President last, is, shall I say, tantamount to the inhalation of this republic. And, of course, the values which its citizens “pledge allegiance” thereto. Yet, a bastion of a freedom remains unscathed. This defender of a free republic haunts the very soul of liberalisms reprehensible desire to eradicate western society. Along with it it’s Judo – Christian God. But, who is this credent of which I speak, this – this impudent malcontent who has willfully reneged upon her civil duties as a governor. Dared to utter the truth within the political arena , this could be none other than, the former Governor of the great state of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Who is, as we all know on national tour, taunting the government sponsored news media with antics which are quintessentially beyond the irrational illogical minds of the liberal elitist’s reporters comprehension. And it also seems her elusive carousing about the country side without their written permission is somewhat exasperating to the finite minds of liberalism. One can only imagine the trifacta of harrumphing which takes place around the meeting table in liberal news rooms when the question is posed where is Palin? The consternation over their once effective strategy to disembowel this – this thing, must be hilarious. I can hear them now “what do you mean she refuses to divulge her scheduled destinations.” While a stream of expletives used to describe Palin’s gender, flow from their disgusting mouths the myopic reporters scramble in dismay trying, as best they know how, to keep pace with their nemesis. But to no avail. Soccer Mom Sarah mocks their obvious chicanery with good old American resourcefulness, wit and to their unsophisticated finite minds, has, no doubt, simply out thought liberalisms, self proclaimed,( Ivy League) elitists. Somewhere in the bowels of the past presidential election, within the Republican election party, someone, or some crony political fraternity, stabbed soccer Mom Sarah in the back. Of this, I am suspect. Imparting if you will, “A woman Scorn.”And now, a perilous foe has emerged. Safe within the ramparts of her strong mind she, poised as soccer Mom Sarah, hast only just begun to release her fury upon those with blood on their hands. But to start the blood lust, first the worst, the press. For some people, men included, coercing new reporters is a daunting challenge. However, soccer Mom Sarah is not, by far, one. Do not be fooled by the seductive aura which surrounds her, for though she is feminine, consider this, so too were Spartan woman. Yet don’t be confuse about what I am relating here, what I am saying is this. Soccer Mom’s are akin to the so called main street American woman. Who, when called to action, as illustrated in World War ll, possess the uncanny ability to alter their intrinsic nature from nurturing to a no nonsense war materials machine. Which, by the way, out produced our enemies and coincidentally, due to the efforts of soccer Moms who transformed themselves into “Rose The Riveters,” America emerged the victor. So there is no wonder why a political protagonists like Sarah Palin are so popular, because, she is US, she is America. And the rabble in the state sponsored media wants her head on a pole. To me observing the elitist media inclinations to ensnare soccer Mom Sarah is a joke. She is miles ahead of them, their tactics and their stupid questions. This is how I liken the confrontations. Picture this, Palin is, with one hand, holding these reporters by the nose, between thumb and index finger. While, with the other hand slapping them on the back of their head, than, as they run away whining she kicks them in the ass. The reporter’s extraneous and often derogatory remarks of her intellectual capabilities are but a haughty excuse of their own ignorance. Miffed by soccer Mom Sarah’s unique ability to evade, and then incapacitate the elitist’s reporters pernicious personal slander TV orators defer precipitously to chronicles of her past namely her old emails, what’s next, her underwear size, what she eats or other mundane issues of personal irrelevance. But let me say this for the record. In short, soccer Mom Sarah is toying with the elitist’s reporters much as a cat would play with a mouse, but I warn, when this lady cat is finished playing with this mouse. An elitist dinner will be served. Indeed, the news media’s worst nightmare is the mere thought of Palin’s bid for the White House; a white woman in the white house drives liberalisms elitists to the brink of madness. And I mean both republican along with democrats. The question remains however, is she in the rat race, or not? For one thing “the blood feud” is, just that, a feud. Those who live by the feud are focused on their adversary, determined to win the battle, and will not give up the fight. And this lady is, out for blood. Gota love err!

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