“Can you dig it…..Liberalisms the Bigot”

“Can you dig it….Liberalisms the Bigot”

I was raised on the east coast, thirty miles or so outside of New York City. To me and those of whom I was raised with, the color of ones skin, financial status and nationality meant nothing. In fact, I had never given such issues any thought, ever. Why would I? In the early 1960’s my parents acquired real estate in the state of Florida where our family would vacation in the solace of a quaint, relatively isolated southern town called Crystal Rivers. In fact, the town was so small that if passersby, streaking down Highway One at mock one speeds, so much as blinked their eyes, they would miss it. Hence the solace.
The hegemony, which then was the South, the populous in general, typically despised the northern invaders. One could sense, the loss of the civil war still loomed over the older southern gentleman like a bad odor. And, to make matters worse, vast swaths of the pristine state were being consumed by the white legged snow buzzards Yankees from the north. This, one could easily imagine, increased the hostility fanning the flames of bigotry. But, not whites against blacks, this blood feud was, white southerners against any northerner. See, there’s was a way of life. A code, a creed to live by, bigotry as defined had become the staunch, ridged way the back woods Deep South once thought. Yet, as all things in life, over time, it too changed. Because, change, is inevitable.
For one thing though, bigotry is not what the liberals would have us believe. And as it happens liberalism is the bigot. Here is the dictionary definition; “a person who is extremely intolerant of another’s creed, belief, or opinion.” That is liberalism. Those who doubt listen to Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi or up- Chuck Schumer speak, these are minds akin to a bear trap, or Beck’s my acronym for Bigot First Class. However being masters of manipulation leftist liberalism implements ego projection in order to squelch our arguments. And up until now the righteous right let them.
By using the indoctrination of political correctness liberalism has maneuvered the indifferent, patient, polite Judo-Christians onto obscurity, via fear and, intimidation. However, incarceration of the soul lasts but a short time until one day, which has arrived, capitulation to the bully of the authoritarian fist of liberalism, no longer works, change, is inevitable. The truth must be told. The whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God.
And a truth be told, through intimidation liberalism has totally stifled, the truth. Let me explain. Leftists can, and do, use any and all forms expletives when speaking, which denote ones moral and educational character, however, sacrilege to them has nothing to do with neither virtue nor morality. Blasphemy to leftists is the use of the (N) word. A word that I agree is, or has become an unnecessary racial slur. But why? In the Deep South the word once was common place, black people were no more offended by the term then if you called them black, in fact calling them black was offensive because their ancestor’s race is Negro from the continent of Africa. A race of people which they were proud of, Black was, to those I knew, merely the color of their skin. A laudable analogy I noted.
To continue the story, for spring recess my friends and I would borrow my Mom’s car and head for our two week free for all in our Florida home. We were all raised as polite fun loving clean cut kids who enjoyed each other harmless antics. Intoxication was not our inclination, but meeting those of the opposite sex was definitely in the game plan. But first there was commitment, not to girls but to my parents so we cut the lawn and tended to our house as part of the agreement I made with my parent for the vacation. Albeit, boys would be boys, once while painting a room an incident occurred where one miscalculated, (or not) swipe of my roller over Andy’s hand rapidly degenerated into a hilarious paint fight. So, coincidentally painting a room would invariably require an additional day to clean up the mess. (If Mom only new) This action would perpetually be followed by two hours of vigorous swimming races in the river behind our house. Ostensibly to remove painted body parts along with any lingering retribution, though recriminations as to whom was culpable, lasted for hours. But I digress.
This remote neighborhood lied at the brink of the vast Florida everglades. Shaded with hundred year old Weeping Willows trees, adorned with Spanish moss this land was home to a multitude of creeping, crawling, and slithering critters. Habitants thereof were akin to the Willow tree, frozen in time. These traditions became their way of life set hundreds of years before, handed down through generation after generation. These were modest homes, with few amenities northerners were accustoming to. Local inhabitants were friendly enough to talk too many of whom had Negro friends who seemed to be like family, and they were. They soon grew fond of me and my friend who, at time, when disengaged from comical brouhaha’s, would volunteer to help neighbors with odd jobs. And therein lead me to an unexpected reality which our society has long forgotten, or has been, intimidated and bullied into forgetting.
The southern sky’s shone clear as the hurricane pasted leaving tree limbs spread across the dense crabgrass lawns. So, I volunteered my help to our next door neighbor, old Mr. Dutton and his Negro friend Ben with our ominous household tasks, despite the threat of alligators from the nearby river turning our legs into lunch. But before I explain the enlightenment I was about to receive, know this. To gain respect in the Deep South one must exercise respect, always. Older men were referred to as “Sir” woman as “Madame,” always, period. If called by an older southern man, “Hey you boy” which was typical, a snappy response when called, would be “Yes Sir” not yah or what, but, Yes Sir, only. This reaction, or one like it, possessed the uncanny ability to open a door, which invariably led to the southern way of life at the time. A life steeped in hospitality, tradition and family honor, though their way of life was, for the most part, greatly misunderstood. And, worst of all easily perverted by liberalisms racial activist. Both black and white, allow me to explain where all the bigotry actually emanated from.
For the most part people are, when in a relaxed state, verbally lazy. Southerners, with the famous gift of combining two well known words, You and All, or all of you into “ya-all” set the stage of this defense of this forgotten southern culture. At any rate, we, as Americans, do enjoy short cuts in diction. The illustrious name of Lawrence becomes Larry in its stead; Victoria becomes Vicky, and so on. So, after only a few days trying, often to no avail, to carry out a coherent conversation with Mr. Dutton who’s thick Sothern drawl was part of his intrinsic nature I opted to listen rather then speak. But his frequent use of the word Niger in reference to his best friend Ben aroused my curiosity. Politely and diplomatically as I could I inquired as to the use of the word.
To the best of my recollection, this was his, simple, honest and heartfelt answer, “ Larry boy, ta no these parts, ya gotta understand, we er liken ta these people, hell boy we were raised wit me. There negro’s an dam proud of it, so we call me what they err, Niger’s like we always did. Justas nuttier way of saying negro, aunt it?” The truth be told, to this day it brings a tear to my eye when I recognized, the love, respect and admiration Mr. Dutton held for his friend. And, in that moment I finally understood the intention of the word Niger which was never meant to demean the race but conversely, to honor it.
Believe it or not, liberalisms political activists of the civil rights movement knowingly and purposely extracted a word from southern speech, knowing full well the intention of the word as it applied to the southern culture. These draconian activists twisted its intended meaning making it the expletive above all others. Yet that word was merely the southerner’s use of the word Negro honoring a race they called, Niger.

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