Liberty’s Life OR Death in…..2012

Liberty’s Life OR Death in… 2012
“Obama’s Last Stand”
As the apex of a new era rapidly approaches this formally economically thriving republic must, once again, recognize it is time to grapple with my version of the mythological dragon. Aka, liberalisms god of governmental power, the all mighty dollar. This creature is adorn with seven heads, some of which are power, control, environmentalism and humanitarianism, but one aspect of its appearance has becomes clear, that is, they are all green, and all mean. And make no mistake about it it has positioned itself squarely at the White House gate, poised to decimate its foe, the governed. The only question is, can, or for that matter will, its conservative adversary possess the intestinal fortitude to slay the governmental beast it has allowed to fester in the shadows for decades? As Shakespeare proclaimed… “That; is the question.”
Do recall though, I have in the past, redundantly stressed, in war which this is, there is but one winner. The other side is nothing but a loser. And may I add, in order to save this republic from economic tyranny, the righteous right, must not, and cannot lose this war. Obama knows, this economic war will be his last stand. His energy policies have failed as the price of foreign crude skyrockets, the unemployment rate sores to depression levels, and the Obama Care debacle cat, is out of the bag. Much as an animal caught in a trap that will gnaw off a limb rather than face certain death, this President will do whatever it takes to survive his Presidency. Including, but not limited to, making speaker Boehner “An offer he cannot refuse.” Which, I am sure Obama has already made behind closed Washington doors.
So then Lawrence, what do you suggest? I thought you’d never ask. In my not so humble opinion, to defeat the rampant spending beast of liberalism, this Republican dominated congress must demand “across the board spending cuts.” Stop the bleeding. Remember, liberalism has to date advanced its entitlement agenda through attrition. Tireless, never-ending, attrition. Mostly because they are cowards, cowards prefer to undermining the social order while cowering behind closed doors in the shadows rather than confronting opposition through discussion or debate. Primarily due to the fact this administration has no plan. To wit, I say this; Lady Liberty has neither the time nor the patience to endure any longer, our strategy is simple, an economic revolt. Cut off the money.
The backlash reaction or economic revolt from the morally competent, namely conservatives, is terrifying to liberalism, so Democrats and RINO’s conceal their fear with threats and accusations which thwarts efforts of budgetary accountability.
And much to my chagrin I see few fighters, even fewer warriors willing to voice an open verbal fight. I hear nothing, nothing besides some gowns tantamount to constipation which, a change in diet from “Eating your Peas” to spinach like Pop-eye would cure. And of course, there is the usual harrumphing of a politician stuck for words, if that were possible. So, where is the objection to closed door meetings from the Republican controlled congress? Where is the outrage for violating the 1974 act which clearly demands a public oversight? Where is the anger from our Conservative Congressional Officials? The answer is, there is none. Nothing but silence, and worse, acquiescent silence. And silence has, over the years placed the conservatives in liberalisms box where we find ourselves now.
Either liberalism has “Struck the Sheppard and scattered the sheep?” Or, is the poker hand they are playing merely a desperate ploy, a rouse, smoke and mirrors? One must remember, Obama’s strength, is his lies, his deceptiveness and his misdirection; he is, The Wizard of Oz.  Also, Obama’s choreographers with names that remind me of Holderman and Erlichman.  Who, vainly attempt to humiliate citizens with childish clichés meant to demean the Constitutional minded populous by the reapplication of the word radicals. In the mean time, Obama uses colloquial terminology as if he were one of the boys. Come on now Mr. President, start acting like one. “Time to take the band aid off!…. Time to eat our peas!” Sadly, this is the commander and chief speaking. And, the man is not kidding. In his mind everyone in this country is stupid in comparison to him, and, that is okay. This is why. Because narcissistic personalities such as his are, too say the least, fallible. In fact, his ego is the chink in his armor opponents should be looking for. Want more proof, Obama has handpicked this administration to serve him, not this republic. Who but a narcissist would choose slow Joe Biden as his VP? Yhup, There is NO leadership competition there. None what so ever. Therefore, I predict, in the long run, this regime will unravel akin to a roll of toilet paper rolling downhill.     I predict his intransigent nature will be his “Waterloo.” And, Obama’s last Stand. Augmented by public distain, coupled with legislative pressure this little boy, in presidential shoes will crack. This is why. This foolish President has taken an ardent economic stance for liberalisms crown jewel of economic devastation; this is, of course, “Obama Care.” Which, unbeknownst to the Democtatic Senate is his nemesis, “Obama Care is the millstone he has tied around his politically drowning neck that, if anyone were paying attention, would observe, he will endeavor to continue treading water with it, rather than discard the abomination of his own creation.

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