What’s Wrong With Washington…….Everything

What’s Wrong with Washington… Everything
How then to begin. Let me see, let me begin in Saul Alinsky’s enlightening book “Rules for Radicals.” In his inspiring book he underscores his masterwork of radicalism with rules, while setting the stage for his clear and simple explanation of his rules for those of whom, seek to radicalize politics. And that is me.
Now do pay close attention to his intention, which is a statement I often use because intention is everything. For the politically challenged (in Chappaqua) Alinsky’s is, for the most part, a de facto extremist tactical militant, whose tactics are so profound that I am remiss at referring to them as effectively brilliant.
And may I add, I have made his rules for radicals my study guide to combat for, the restoration of this republic. That is if restoration were possible. But I’ll give it a shot, as it were. Furthermore, I vehemently suggest you all, that is the mighty middle class of America, as the cliché warns, be taught to “Know your enemy.” Which, it just so happens to be the crux of this essay, in that it is all of the elected in Washington, who are the enemy of the middle class.
Alinsky begins his rules; “Always remember the first rule of power tactics; Power is not only what you have but what your enemy thinks you have.”
The fact of this matter is President Reagan, as you may recall, brought down the empire of the former USSR an acronym for Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. Or, Russia, for those of you in Chappaqua N.Y. Reagan utilized the very same tactic, a bluff or threat of military superiority was exactly what our enemy thought we had. The Russian Communists leaders feared Reagan believing he would do what he threatened. Thus Alinsky’s ninth rule: “The threat is usually more terrifying then the thing itself.”
Conversely let’s delve into the power of this President who cannot, nor will not, make decisive decisions in a timely manner. Insists upon bowing to foreign leaders as if he were a bell hop working in an exclusive hotel. This is not power to our foreign enemies, yet, oddly enough, his actions indicate power within the elitist in Washington. Go figure. Still mindful Middle Americans thinks he has, more power then he actually does. And, there hangs another tale. The question is is Obama the Wizard of Oz he proclaims? Or, is he an oxymoron and merely the blowhard bag of wind I have alluded to in other articles.
Now relax your mind, think like an artist, a mystic, a seer, listen and learn from your Rabi Lawrence. The satire you are about to read is meant to amuse, while precipitously proclaiming somewhat vexing altruisms in parable form. In other words, find the truth in the entertainment. And readers, this takes thought, so think!

Words from the Wizzie
With the smoke and mirrors of a masterful magician Obama, Aka – the Wizzie of Oz, is successfully changing this free nation, founded upon unalienable or God given rights, into a socialistic fascist state of governmental oppression. This liberty bestowed upon us has now been imprisoned by an oligarchy ruled, not by the few, but the one, him. The one the only “The Wizzie of Oz, deluxe, ya gotta just rap your arms around the story. As it were.
Though my rendition is strewn with sarcastic fall-de-raul one must face the sad facts of just whom this President, think he is? In that, the people of our nation are finally waking up to the political characid being bestowed upon them by this, this Wizzie. Mark my works people; he will proclaim, in his never ending arrogant tone, how he alone will change this fragile Republic into the utopian dream of “The wonderful land of Oz.” And of course, this utopian dreamland is nothing more than a fabrication of the irrational, illogical stupidity called liberialism. And by the way, he is.
The story goes something like this, Obama speaks….(your reaction)
“Folks I told you, I even promised you I would fundamentally change this country, and I never brake a promise (with the exception of all the other promises that is) so watch me closely because, whether you middle class menaces like it or not, it’s all about me. So, now you see your Constitution, your individual Bill of Rights and this liberty thing; and now you don’t, poof, it’s all gone!
And now, you stupid people, for my next slick trick (don’t you mean change ?) the Wizzie elitist shall perform a feat that is so amazing that you will be left breathless. And also, you conservative knuckle dragging apes will never see this slick Chicago move coming. So keep your attention on that idiotic reality show you have been watching. In the mean while the masterful, all powerful, all knowing Wizzie, has neutralizes all of your Senate and Congress replacing them with my czars, right before your very eyes. But, do not worry, I promise everything is just fine. I know it sounds like Russian Marxist Communism, but trust me, it is not. Not much, kinda, sorta.
Woooshhh, with my Gestapo of Czars I screwed your legislative branch, there neutralized! More like castrated, I would say but, whatever, a paper tiger by any name is still a paper tiger.
Thank you, thank you folks, thank you (but there is on applause) and there you have it (have what?) folks, no more Senators and Congressman to hold me back from paying for every bail out bribe I promised my friends and, the best is there is no accountability, no paper trail to bog me down, so, Presto! Chango! Trillions gone.
And soooooo, the Wizzie will now take all the money, you common folks were throwing away on worthless Senators and Congressman for military defense programs, and I will show you another magic trick of change. Hope you like it, but I do not care if you don’t. The Wizzie will once again amaze you now using myself proclaimed superior elitist intellect, as egotistical as it may be, so bare with me through, yet another long winded lecture (or else) as I humiliate you masses of slaves with my next trick. Just sit there, do nothing, and above all, shut the Hell up!
Only, this time my action is for your safety, your security and you’re protection of course. Now remember all that money I saved you, (watta guy) from those spending junkies. You know them; those RINO’s who handed me over trillions of you dough to give away. The legislators who are traveling around the world having a wonderful time while you slobs are unemployed and, at your expense. Well, (here we go again, bend over) to further demonstrate my superior intellect here is what the all great and all powerful Wizzie is going to do with the money I alone saved. I will form a civilian police force, as I promised in the campaign, as strong, if not stronger then our military, just like I said I would, I love using the word I.”
He continues, need a barf bag anyone? “Now, let me be perfectly clear, don’t worry, these police are not brown shirts with black arm bands. No no, these are not what was called the secret police who worked only for the Fuhrer, those guys were bad guy who would not eat their peas. I have created something new like Hope and Change. I will demand more money from you slobs to fund my new civilian police force, a force one hundred times stronger than the military. And they will be everywhere from now on, to protect you, and, to keep you safe from bad guys.
Since they get there orders directly from me, whatever they do will be what I order them to do, I promise you that. When they order you to surrender your dangerous guns, do not resist, I will keep the guns safe, this I do for your own good. I do not want any more shootings by gun waving conservative’s randomly killing rapists and armed robbers; these poor misguided alleged perpetrators are people too. They must receive due process of the law whether they’re here legally or not. I mean, who knows, maybe they have a good reason for being violent, maybe their mommy didn’t hug them enough.
And so, my civilian police (?????) will be there for your protection, you will love their new white electric cars with rainbow bumpers. Their new bright pink uniforms will have a badge saying DPW or The (all powerful) Department of Public Works. Trust me your guns are not necessary for self defense. Here is why, for your added protection, I am going to give you, free of charge, a micro chip implanted under the skin of your hand with the number 999 on it. Or was that 666? If you should face danger of any kind, simply click your heals together three times and the secret police will magically appear out of nowhere, just like I did. So have no fear, Obama is here.”
From his book “Rules for Radicals” Alinsky wrote these insightful words; “In the midst or the gassing violence by the Chicago Police and National Guard during the Democratic Convention many students asked me, Do you still believe we should try to work inside our system?” (Meaning governing system)
Being the master of political tactics he was, he answered; “Do one of three things. One, go find a wailing wall and feel sorry for yourselves. Two, go psycho and start bombing- but this will swing people to the right. Three, learn and listen. Go home organize, build power and at the next convention, you be the delegates.”
And, they did, but who were his students, one might venture to ask? Does Howard Dean ring a bell? How about Hillary Rodham Clinton who in 1969 wrote in her senior thesis a response in defense of Alinsky’s method of community organizing? And last, but not least, the appointed 2008 campaign managers for election of then delegate Barrack H. Obama, who is now, president elect.

Liberty’s Time Is UP!

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