The fall of Rome & the US

The fall of Rome & the US
Part One of a Two Part Series

A Revelation
On my Blog Talk Radio show this week I espoused a somewhat different way to understand President Obama, which has, for one reason or another, eluded me up until now. But alas, while driving home from my laborious endeavors late one evening a thought vehemently insisted on disrupting my navigational solace on the 405 freeway. Solace on the 405? I jest of course. Although, I argue physiologically, universal order can, and often does emerge out of disorder. Though solace while driving on the chaotic California freeway seems to be a contradiction in terms. It is not. Because with me, a mystical revelation is possible anywhere, providing of course, I have the ears to hear. Sometimes I do, other times not.
Nevertheless, this is what happened. The name from a movie kept “buzzing around in my head,” an adage I acquired from studying General Patten. Usually this relentless buzzing meant, I am being called to study something or someone for some purpose unbeknownst to me, at least thus far. Nevertheless, this time the name of the person buzzing around in my mind happened to be Marcus Aurelius. Vexed, I scratched my head saying aloud “Marcus Aurelius!” then realized that the name came from an outstanding movie I have viewed over and over again for a multitude of reasons, as I will explain. The movie, of course is “Gladiator,” and, the Roman Emperor at the time was Marcus Aurelius. And strangely enough, he happed to be a dictator who sought to return the rule of Rome back to the People’s Republic of Rome, from which it arose. In other words Marcus Aurelius was a man of honor who was willing to hand over to the people his power as Emperor, who, by the way, is also given the title of Caesar.
Once again, it’s also strange that I thought initially had been Marcus Aurelius whom I was drawn to study. But something else vexed, I knew in all likelihood there had to be something evading me. And there was. It soon became clear as to whom this study was truly about and as importantly, why. While researching material about the Empire my desire for direction and truth was quenched I further investigated its demise. Yet, within the research work some historical materials I found, much to my exasperation, pointed me in another direction, because the primary person, whom I was called to study, happened not to be about the honorable Emperor at all. But, the son of the Emperor named Commodus. Oh joy I thought. Commodus was no Caesar in deed or military leader at all, merely an impudent elitist aristocrat, who happened to be the son of Caesar. In fact, this self centered coward had no love for the office which he served. Or respect for the Roman people, worse yet, he usurped his military power as Commander of the dread Roman Legions through murder. He certainly would never relinquish his autocratic thrown, nor the power it possessed. Rumors at the time suggested he murdered his own father Marcus Aurelius in order to seize the power. Power which, oddly enough, only a few years later, he would pay for with his life as his narcissistic craving drove the boy Emperor to the brink of insanity. Where he met his fate, at the hands of an assassin.

Emperors Commodus & Obama
You see, Rome was once a republic. A republic is unique because it’s governed by the people, for the people. In a republic people govern themselves and have chosen Senators from among the people to relate the desire of the people to all factions of the Roman government comprised of the people, both civil and military alike. This, in order that the elected Senators whom are the people, make sure the government exists for the sole purpose of supporting the people, by relating the needs of the people and to carry out those wishes of the people who employ them. So, in the event this sounds people redundant, it was meant to. A republic is about the people, NOT government the people employs. Do you get what I’m saying? How about this, Power TO The People.
Too continue, shortly after Emperor Marcus Aurelius’s death in 180 AD Commodus at the age of around twenty five becomes Emperor of Rome. Although his father new Commodus should not rule. Nevertheless, despite Caesars ardent objection, the power fell to the son of an Emperor automatically without objection. Aurelius, the true Caesar, knew his son as an immoral man, and above all, his father new Commodus to be a narcissists who, for his own self serving gratifications would dishonor Rome, its people and the title of President, woops I meant Caesar, and he was right. Stay with me now.
One year after his father’s untimely demise the inexperienced egotistical Roman Emperor Commodus made his first serious military mistakes as Emperor. Before finishing his father’s military campaign that would have utterly defeated the invading Germanium tribes, Commodus opts to, in the vernacular of today, cut and run. He did so with the full knowledge of these barbarians of whom, waged war against Rome for years, in fact, in 9AD the barbarian tribes wiped out three full legions of Roman soldiers numbering around 15,000 men. Point being, they were a lethal force to be reckoned with.
Despite the facts, Commodus decided, for self gratification purposes, he had had enough of war. Opting rather, for his comfortable soft life in the Roman court where Caesar’s every whim would be satisfied. And, to make matters worse, boy Caesar had the power to sign a peace a treaty with the warlords of warring barbarian tribes. In doing so, Commodus knowingly cast the fate of Rome to their enemies, by trusting in a declaration of peace which would never come. Sound familiar, well it should. I’ll make my point momentarily. As a result Commodus a mere thirteen years after becoming Emperor of the most powerful empire on earth, as I said before, becomes paranoid and slipped into insanity before being murdered in 192 AD. The murderer himself was then murdered, poetic justice, one would think.
And just like Commodus, Obama has also implemented the same error in military judgment. He, Obama, signed a treaty with Russia called the START treaty, an acronym for Strategic Tactical Armament Reduction Treaty with the Russians, if you recall. If not, you were not paying attention to the Presidents intention. This treaty, in particular, is a useless agreement for America’s security. And, at the same time, advantageous to our advisory the Russian autocrat namely Vladimir Putin, the former Chief of the KGB, who by the way, has not forgotten his defeat in the cold war arms race, only two decades ago.
The nuclear missiles which the Russians will gleefully dismantle, while salvaging the deadly warhead of course, are obsolete. Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles or ICBM’s are as passé, as dos is to computers, there dinosaurs. ICBM missiles are more of a burden to the Russian military then an asset. Yet knowing this, Commodus Obama still signed a treaty which limits our newer missile defense systems, further weakening America in the eyes of the world. To add insult to injury, by signing the treaty Obama has also helped our enemy by allowing the Russians to update their nuclear missiles. Whose side is the President on? Now listen to this.
Remember the nuclear warheads I mentioned? Only time will tell what the conniving Russian leaders will do with their new found leverage, e.g. literally hundreds of nuclear warheads. That is, after laughing themselves silly at the stupidity of this American President. Do you think there is a market for them? Who, pray tell, would want a nuclear warhead, which could be modified to fit in the trunk of a car? Or a air freight crate delivered by our State Department under seal of diplomatic immunity we will never know, until it is – BANG, YOU’RE DEAD!

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