The Assassin – One Shot – One Kill.
Throughout military history there is none more feared then an enemy with the capability to kill without being seen nor heard. One of which is, of course the legendary sniper who, with a single bullet kills a targeted enemy. One shot – One Kill. These elitist sniper teams from distances of a mile away skillfully deliver a projectile onto the skull of a person without that person ever so much as hearing the shot. At that, our enemies cower in fear frantically groping for an answer to the perplexing question, where did the shot come from? To which I give tribute to the professional assassin, one of the most feared tools of war in the military and by the way, the law enforcement arsenal.
Yet, no military force on earth could compare with “Black Operations” to whom this country owes our profound gratitude. These dedicated men are the best of the best special operations forces have trained to carry out lethal covert missions. Their missions are often mission impossible, the assassination of murders akin to Osama Bin Laden is the latest in their epic legacy. Mission accomplished. Thank you brave warriors!  And our profound thanks to all of the special operations force in support of the missions Black Ops whom I will not mention. You and you alone know who you are. The bellicosity by which they achieved their mission is a tribute to American resolve. So, warriors of the Fifth Special Forces, the 101st Airborne and the spotters of the Air Forces Air Commandos we, the American people salute you. And of course Intel, all I have to say is, way to go CIA. You gentleman have made history, thanks to the ardent ground work enacted by a true commander George W. Bush and his administration. It is squarely the Bush doctrine which aptly rendered the Obama regime with no choice but to take lethal action which they would not have.
In an effort to dispel elusive political correctness I have chosen the be pugnacious in describing the poorly maligned and missed used word of assassin so often associated with murder, which it is, and conversely is not. Ostensibly the precise meaning of assassin is murder; however one first must understand the distinct difference between murder and the necessity to kill. These two words are on opposite sides of the moral spectrum. In short killing Bin Laden was retribution for the murder of three thousand innocent Americans, not many would venture to argue. Yet the religious, tend to confuse the obvious distinction between the two.
Nevertheless, to me the professional assassins protecting the public behind the scope of a snipers rifle are much the same as Spartacus warriors of old, quintessentially fearless warriors who annihilate our enemy which are domestic or foreign terrorists. But our dysfunctional government and news media are clueless about how to eradicate terrorism from our midst. Though the answer stares them squarely in the face, they cannot see the forest through the trees, which is the professional assassin who fires one shot – and one kill murderers such as Bin Laden perish from the earth never knowing who delivered justice for all. Sound harsh or cold? It is truly a subject not for the faint of heart, but the reality is law enforcement agencies around the world rely upon the sniper or professional assassin as the anecdote to the terrorist activities who, with one shot, can alter the course of a deadly situation with no civilian collateral damage save one, the assassin’s target.
Which brings me to this; terrorists such as the late Bin Laden think they are invisible  potentates who espouse martyrdom until faced with a U.S Navy Seal’s assault weapon. But then, in lieu of a gruesome demise sacrificing one of his three wives seemed to be the honorable way to meet his maker. Hence terrorists, the ominous signs of Americas resolve should not be mistaken, that is of course lest precipitous altercations with our Special Forces is alluring, like navigating aircraft into a building, with the proviso that someone else is at the helm.
Oh yes just one more thing, it must have slipped my mind, how rude. This saying liberal Americans use “Bringing terrorists to justice” is a euphemism. Merely their politically correct irrational, illogical stupid means of controlling our speech, what it really means is, Bang, Your Dead!

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