Order vs Chaos

Order vs Chaos

Revolution vs The Status Quo

Allow me to point this out on the go in. In order to grasp the case I am building kindly listen to, and understand this basic scientific concept; Universal order comes out of disorder, not the other way around as some might think. I’ll say that again, so think about it. Universal order comes out of disorder. So what does this mean, in short this; take for example a revolution, know doubt it causes chaos or as previously stated …disorder, which in other words, is entropy in science 101. And let us say, for the sake of argument a revolution represents disorder. And furthermore this disorder  was to be executed with the specific plan or stratagem in mind. And that strategy is to restore America’s Traditional Constitution with strict adherence to only the laws therein. One example might be, the federal government must secure our nation simply by closing, and I mean closing the borders tight. Build a wall around it with armed guards that may, at their discretion, use lethal force. If such a strategic plan were to be implemented in a revolution then, and then only, is it possible to turn American politics around the Right way. (Pun Intended) The reason is, because it is in the chaos of revolution where order is found, order that will correct wrong direction, the wrong direction that liberalism has set into motion since the 1960s. In a moment I will explain further, first this.
To understand the mindset of the revolutionists I will make the argument from a revolutionist’s point of view which is not difficult, since I am one of many. This declaration from the Russian anarchist Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin, whom I quote;
“The revolutionist has no personal interests, no affairs, sentiments, attachments, property, not even a name of his own. Everything to him (and men like him) is absorbed by one exclusive interest, one thought, one passion – the revolution.” And it just so happens, this statement indicates the focus and desire of great men, men such as the writers of the Declaration of Independence who I had in mind; they were focused on the chaotic disorder arising from the revolution.
The word revolution has, through the centuries, been poorly maligned and grotesquely misunderstood. A revolution need not be a bloody associated with atrocities. If strategized correctly it should be viewed as nothing more than a civil uprising for positive political change regardless of the cost. And bear in mind, it is the peoples Right, which is written in the Declaration of Independence… “It is the Right of the people to Alter or Abolish it, and to institute a new Government.”
Having said that, I will explain about Order vs Chaos or in other words… Status Quo vs Revolution in two different ways in hopes that readers will think about the progress of a revolt and, more importantly, what will be achieved…. which otherwise…. would not and ….could not .be achieved.  Listen to me, this achievement of which I speak is the only realistic way this dynamic republic can return to true values, honor and integrity it was founded upon. Any effort that falls short of the people declaring our individual independence from this Constitutionally deviant, politically corrupted government, is a mere waste of precious time…. And that time, is quickly running out.
It is important to remember what was previously stated, that is, order comes from disorder or chaos. In that, it is the crux of my case for a revolution; Which incidentally, has now become a hot news topic since the Egyptian uprising.
To illustrate a revolt I have based my case upon a short segment that is scientific, using quantum physics to explain the reason for a revolt. And secondly, the explanation is spiritual using scripture to explain the necessity for the revolt, yet, do not be disillusioned, surprisingly enough the two theories differ very little, as we will soon see. And as a side bar, I have chosen these two explanations because strangely enough, the new quantum physics, unlike Newtonian science, both confirms and supports the Christian theology of creation. So what does that have to do with anything? Okay fare enough, there is another reason I admit, Christian theology of creation taunts secularist liberals, and that is an achievement I endeavor to continually pursue….with glee, may I add.

An Analogy
Before I begin the comparison, let me say this in further defense of my case. In everything there is a process. Such as a pregnant woman who waits for nine month while her child is in the process of developing. So then our nation will need to wait for the process of reorganizing as it is returning back from a socialistic democracy to the republic it was founded under. But while a nation is being born again it will be met with rigorous resistance, to say the least. Those in power will not let go of power they covet easily. So logically speaking, armed revolution is the only way.
On the other side of the revolutionary coin is the recent teacher’s union uprising; this happens to be a marvelous display of coveted union power aka …socialistic democracy in full swing. And this teachers revolt at the same time projects a vivid picture of ridged leftist liberalism, which is …me first and ….screw you taxpayer! These labor unions are nothing but staunch socialists, unwillingness to negotiate, discuss or for that matter move off their frozen position of…me …me and what’s in it for…me! It may seem as though the teacher union thug’s cause is justified. But it is not for the national good. This forceful display of self centered greed, despite the states needs for economic reform, their student’s needs for education  just plain fairness. nevertheless they persist… This revolt is selfish; all this anecdotal mantra  is for money, their money.
Then, to make matters worse, it seems these Wisconsin Democratic legislators are having a typical display of childhood antics when faced with their elected ethical duties. But nothing new there. It seems to me the controversy of an adversarial governor, trying to do his job which he promised to the people of Wisconsin is offensive to these spoiled brats…. so there skipping school and going into hiding like the lawless children they are. I don’t believe this. However, their actions further illustrate their attitude. Or, are liberal Democrats just…. Stuck on stupid!

Entropy and Quantum Physics
In order for the rational Right to stop the insanity of liberalisms frozen mind-set, force must be implemented. To explain this theory I use this phrase coined from Dr. Fred Allen Wolf, then a professor of quantum physics at San Diego State. The theory is in direct relation to the Universities experiments on repetitive waves of light, Dr. Wolf said, “They are stuck, in stone like patterns of repeatability,” never changing, never learning, just repeating. Dr. Wolf goes on to explain, in quantum physics disorder is created from violent disruption of the wave pattern.
Government, much like light waves become stuck in stone like pattern of repeatability, never changing their pattern, nor learning, nor hearing the demands of the governed, namely us. Sound familiar, it should and, interesting enough, changes to the quantum wave pattern will only occur through sudden and violent disruption. A violent disruption in governmental patterns is a revolution. In physics a disruption smashes light wave that are stuck in stone like pattern of repeatability thus breaking the wave into pieces called particles causing chaos in the pattern. Once broken, these particles then reform, evolving into a higher form of light, as it returns from partials back into a wave where order is restored. Order is reformed out of chaos. Get the picture. Without a sudden and violent disruption or revolution nothing….and I mean nothing will change.

In the Beginning
My second analogy is this, stay with me now, because the spiritual explanation is saying the same thing as the quantum physics analogy. It is written, “In the beginning God created the havens and the earth, and the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the water. And God said, let there be light.”
Through his action of creation God established, from the very first day, the natural order of creation. In that, light or order, comes out of darkness or disorder.  Which means a morally bankrupt  government is the darkness stuck in stone like patterns of repeatability; where it continually maintains the dread status quo. Only then will change occur. Because, out of the darkness and birth pains endured comes a brand new creation, a new nation stronger, wiser and able to overcome the evil entrapments of irrational liberalism. Once and for all.
I rest my case.

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