“Congress Shall Make No Laws” – The EPA…..Throw Them Away

“Congress Shall Make No Laws”


The EPA …. Throw Them Away!

The spiders web of governmental agencies are intertwined throughout the cozy confines of the White House, woven through the belt way of Washington DC, the web is vast, and, numerous. This spider’s web is part and parcel of the beast which has now evolved into a self perpetuating monster which I consistently refer to as the Dragon. I call this beast a Dragon because of the mythological evilness it represents; its perception per say, this beast uses enslaving laws which are contrived by leftist liberalism for populous control.

The beast’s functions are both hidden from sight and immeasurable in scope. A few examples are the decimation of America’s superiority as a world power. Also, slowing or when possible stopping the flow of our natural energy and abundant resources, which it has. And killing this countries innovation, the Christian religion, and of course, God the creator just to name a few. This beast of which I speak is in action right now armed with an abundance of redundant agencies that are lurking in the shadows of Washington DC, their ammunition is not bullets for a gun, bullets make noise, their ammunition kills in the silence of the peoples consent to rules and regulations.

Take for example just a few agencies within the federal government, such as the EPA an acronym for Environmental Protection Agency and or the FCC commonly referred to as the Federal Communication Commission who is empowered with the authority to enforce numerous and stifling laws. Laws which ordinary people know little or nothing about, nor do they understand. So then, the oxymoronic notion that the people requires government to protect them with laws they know nothing about is laughable, that is, if it were not so menacing. Leftist liberal lawyers do not uphold the law; they twist and manipulate the law. I quote the Miranda Act last part “Do you understand these Rights.” …. NO We Don’t! Most people are clueless about the laws and their Rights. But let’s continue.

The Constitution clearly states as a free society we have God given unalienable Rights that separates and protect the individual from a meddling government. Then my question is; shouldn’t our representatives in Congress flagrantly resist any restraints imposed upon our freedom, our states and or our free republic? The answer most certainly is Yes! hell Yes! However, unfortunately this society has become utterly aloft of the consequences arising from the invasive laws that Congress is imposing. Laws which contain rules and regulations are laws equivalent to nails driven into our mythological coffin of wood, one nail at a time. Until, one day the coffin is sealed and the death of Independence, Liberty and personal freedom is imminent. And, this blind society is well on the way, open your eyes America and look around at what has happened to personal freedom.

The problem is, people have not seen or even questioned the appalling consequences bestowed upon this civil society by means of rules, regulations and laws. Only recently has the internet and talk show hosts begun scrutinizing the dubious actions of these repressive agencies and there laws. Just take a look at the  “Fairness Doctrine” talk about an oxymoron, the moron that thought of this oxy is more foxy then oxy for sure. This, so called Doctrine is nothing more than a clever rouse by leftist liberals to suppress free speech, under the guise of fairness…. naturally. Kindly pay attention.

In my opinion persons in Washington who work for agencies are suitably referred to as Agents, who, by definition are also called Spies, as in secret, or agents for the government. Stay with me now, this notion is not a far stretch of the imagination; The well-known CIA… aka ….The Central Intelligence Agency for another example was formed by Congress, its function was ostensibly for our national security who are global Spy’s, okay prudence dictates necessity and in this troubled world it is prudent to know what evil regimes such as North Korea or Iran are up to. But the word agency is what I’m focused on. The agency in this case the CIA is restricted by Congress to espionage missions outside the United States only, the point being, Congressional leaders used their wisdom by restricting the CIA’s authority and set strict parameters which the CIA could not exceed. As a result they could do nothing outside of the congressionally mandated scope of limited power. The point being this; at its inception the Congressional legislators who commissioned the CIA could foresee the potential of the agency growing to powerful. This, due to its necessity for secrecy the congress wisely limited and restricted them.

And there lies the crux of our national dilemma, which is, plainly restrictions that must be imposed upon every government agencies power and authority. Restrictions are the chain on the pit bulls neck, without the chain on a vicious dog, eventually someone’s ass is going to get bitten. An energy ass biting we are now receiving from the EPA.

The question here is; what restrictions has our Congress impose on the EPA, its environmentalists, and or their spy’s? The answer is shocking ….none! No restrictions what so ever on their authority! No oversight of their activities! And No scrutiny of their rules and regulations! This then is a fool’s formula for fascism, here is where Congress should be making laws, laws to restrict the power of the EPA. Knot Us.

Unbeknownst to the vacillating masses the EPA has become a model of government’s means, the end of which is justified under the guise of environmental protection. This then is  due to its immense success in coercing the minds and the hearts of inexperienced populous. A populous who have been indoctrinated with environmental propaganda. Propaganda which states they are presumably empowered to protect the environment. And they are, however the EPA has overreached it power by protecting the environment from humanity. And to this end, the agency operates with impunity.

This then, is how the people are being hoodwinked; the agency has self elected the indisputable name of Environmental Protection, but has anyone asked …WHO is the environment being protected from… environmentalists are extremists, to them we, humanity is the problem. We are the bad guys who seek to destroy the environment, there lies a big….

big…. Perception problem, if you see what I mean.

And at the same time it is alluding to the false assurance that Mother Nature needs their help and will be safe and secure under their erroneous protection, when in fact, “It is not nice to fool Mother Nature,” as the saying goes.

Furthermore, to me it sounds as though those in the EPA feel they need to replace God, who in essence is the creator of Mother Nature. And their egotistical name, Environmental Protection, rationally substantiates the claim. Then, by doing so, they take away God and put in the EPA in his sted. Thus positioning leftist secular liberalism where they have been pandering for, for eons . This may sound silly to those who are politically challenged but the arrogant contention of the powers in control of this country both past and present have shown to people, the battle for idealistic control that is to come. As the environmental agencies power grows, the peoples power over it diminishes, unless we fight them, not as well as they fight us, but better, harder, faster and without Mercy.

So then, be aware of another rouse game being played on this nation, that is, via alternative energy which props up cap and trade, aka going green. Energy is the King the check mate in the Obama regimes game of chess…. Obama’s health cares their Queen….  His Knights in the game is the EPA strangles hold on America’s growth …. Their Castles the FCC silencing free speech and their pawns…Well, let’s just say, you poor slobs …Police … Fire fighters…. and the Military… you are expendable…Sorry! Just expendable casualties of liberalisms war on liberty.

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