Is Roberts Wrong -Or is he Right?

Is Chief Justice Roberts Left –Or –Is he Right?

The game of Chests requires strategies which may at times seam wrong to the inexperienced, yet it appears to me Chief Justice Roberts is one of those whom, understands Alinsky tactics. Tacticts such as Rule 10 – The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. And in this case, the opposition is Republican Congress who created the “Health Care” condition in the first place by accepting the Democrats Unconstitutional bill in lieu outright rejection.

To cut to the chase Justice Roberts inferred to Congress in his decision…you made this bed Congress, now sleep in it! In doing so, the pressure is back on Congress AND the American voting people where it belongs, not on a hand full of Supreme Court Justices; no matter how Supreme bipartisan elitists in power think they may be.

Chief Justice Roberts understands the physiology of human nature, and applied the common sense law of accountability by striking down only the Constitutional portion of the bill which confused the issues, which were if you recall; is “the health care bill! a “Commerce issue” or a tax issue? plane and simple. Knowing the Presidents health care bill had nothing to do with the “commerce,” and everything to do with taxing the citizen of this country into oblivion, so with that absurdity out of the way, the true intention of the “Bill” emerges, and it is just that, a “bill” a huge tax bill which Congress alone possesses the authority to implement –Or repeal, with one political caution which Justice Roberts was wise enough to recognize. Additional Taxes, in any shape or form, pisses off the American voters like nothing else! and, is now in the forefront of every American citizen’s mind. The repeal of “the health care bill” in a legislative matter, and should Congress opt to raise taxes, those politicians who do so will soon be seeking employment elsewhere.

For He Who Has Ears –Let Them Here What The Spirit Says;
The rude reality which few of us [myself includes] do not wish to acknowledge is, we the American people, through decade of inattentiveness and neglect, have allowed elitists’ socialists’ politicians both Republican and Democrat into seats of great power in the Senate the Congress and the Judiciary where they took root. And liken to crab grass the keeper of the House ignored, his once beautiful lawn, within a season and one season more became infested with dandy –lions, [sarcasm intended] aka crab grass, which, when it blossoms is loaded with its evil spores awaiting the wind of chance to spread them further.

Restoration of the keepers’ lawn has now become a task of total replacement NOT restoration; to do so the infested lawn first must uproot, the hostile crab grass plants, and dandy –lions entrenched in righteous soil removed forever, then the soil must be “turn over” to insure the dandy-lion can no longer take root. Then, the soil should raked out to insure all remnants thereof have been removed; only then can the fertile ground be reseed with new grass, watered and fertilize. This shall be done before the Master of the house returns discovers his keepers, whom he entrusted with the security of house to, hast neglected his gifted position.

Liken unto plants, once the “National Socialist” adversary infestation of destruction roots itself within a “Republic” the remedy for restoration of the God given house of freedom becomes radical –totally radial in its scope of moral principles. All infested aspects of the rooted infestation must be uprooted from the body politic and cast out where it can no longer reproduce corruption. It is said, “You cannot place new wine in old wineskins” because the old wine skins will cause the new wine to be bloated with corrupted of the old wine, having the new wine expand until the old wine skin bursts. The founders of the righteous House warned us to “Secure the blessings of liberty,” because to obtain liberty is not easy and it is often achieved by massive loss of life –but to lose liberty is easy, and once lost ‘tis lost forever. The Master of the House knows a new lawn will never look the same, but all things can be made new once again with the sweat of our brow, hard work, attentiveness and most of all belief in the God.

Alas, the final question lies within the souls of those who are the keepers of the righteous House, how far are you willing to “walk through the valley of the shadow of death” –for it is now upon us. And Justice Roberts has placed their evil King –In Check! The next move is up to US, the American believers in a free republic.

Remember, ONLY a radical replacement of the Masters lawn will take seed and succeed, replacement, and reconstruction, must be, swift, forceful and foremost –total throughout the body politic. Because their exists an elitist socialist plan afoot –one that requires political silence for a position in the “United Nations New World Order” for those who cooperate [Google it] a concept once spoke of behind elitist socialists closed door is now –in freedoms face taunting our reprisal.

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