The Home Of The Brave

“The Home of The Brave.”

Oh beautiful for spacious sky’s, the song of praise did say,
But in mans battle mode, he turned the other way.
Nay chorus nor lyric did dawns early light apply,
It neither touches the heart of man,
Nor brought a tear to the eye.

For purple mountains majesties, the mystical song did say,
Yet once again, man turned the other way.
Twas, so proudly they hail, by dawns early light,
The flag of a nation, which had greater might.

They praised the conquest, the doings of men,
In lieu of the spirit who beckons within.
Above thy fruited plane seamed pious to those on high,
America! America! Where does honor lie?

Broad stripes and bright stars, I pledged my life to thee,
Yet the soul of America is thy Grace, whence cometh liberty.
O’er the ramparts they watched, made magic to the eye,
The trail of rockets light twas nothing but lies.

‘Tis vanity I employ thee, this perilous fight,
Neither spiritual strength, nor by Gods Holy might.

Red glare of rockets,‘tis not the way of thee,
Bombs bursting in air, can only ego be.
“America, America God shed his grace on thee,
And crowned thy good with brotherhood,
From sea to shining sea.”

O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand,
Betwixt their homeland and wars promised land.
Bless the vict’ry and peace Heav’n we pray,
Thank thee O Lord for showing the way.

Oh Lord we beseech thee, that ever we choose,
To follow our spirit, so naught freedom loose.

Then liberate oppression when your cause is just,
And this be our motto, “In God We Trust”
To those of Great Honor whom, follow the cross,
We thank you father’s and morn your loss.

The Childs pure heart, we honor in them,
For many hast perished, again then again.
To the sea we commit them, with white foam of wave,
For they made America,

“The Home of The Brave.”

Lawrence Vetere
Dedicated To My Son Lawrence II

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