No Time For Newt”s or……Moderate NUTS

No Time for Newts or…. Moderate NUTS

This is wild, on my weekly live Blog talk show called Wake Up America And face The Dragon, Lawrence Live just the other day – Sunday the 15th of May 2011 if you care to hear it. On the air the thrust of my usual harangue happened to be, this time, “knowing our enemies.” I endeavored to convey to my listeners the extreme necessity to clearly define in our minds this daunting reality. And also, try not to be vexed by political chicanery. Be aware those on the rational right conservative side of the battlefield are at war. War with the multi headed dragon of liberalism. Liberalism is suffering from a mental disorder which encapsulates some human minds with the allure of childhood forever, where they dwell elated with emotion filled with self-gratification. Where right and wrong, truth and lies good and evil are mere perceptions their indecipherable, illogical, irrational stupidity. In other words, their Moderate NUTS. By that, I mean this.
Rational decisiveness is muted by these ideologues as this sovereign nation teeters on the brink of economic implosion. Yet this untenable condition prevails amidst the ever pressing disingenuous political exaggerations of social and economic reform. Bull. That is, this addictive dependency leftist Democrats force upon the society through Obama care is the road to bankruptcy. Medicare is, by the way, the holy grail of leftist liberalisms control over the populous. And once again, in other words, if their Bull Crap were cement politicians in Washington D.C. could build the I-95 Interstate, from coast to coast.  While the American people suffer through this ongoing depression.
Take Newt Gingrich for example, who has, in few words raised the red flag of warning, or should I say the white flag of crony political appeasement. On my Sunday talk show I asked my rational logical listeners to take a stand with politicians. Evoke the Bush mantra and say – Either these politicians are with us, the American people, or against us. Which then by virtue, makes them in opposition to righteous constitutionalists, or our sworn enemy. And remember to include, if you will, the despicable Moderate Nuts, of whom, put a Chicago thug in the White House. So, know your enemy. Here is why.
By Newt Gingrich calling the Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan to reform Obama care “Right wing social engineering” he, as the saying goes, unzipped his fly. No one, but no one, could have made such a pernicious remark without being cognizant of their action. First off for Newt to refer to a protagonist such as Paul Ryan as “right wing” is degrading at best and, such a remark should, at least, raise the question of his mentality, if not his conservative loyalty.
Secondly, listen carefully to what Newt was saying, that is to criticize the Obama care plan, which a federal court found unconstitutional is, as he put it, social engineering. Th is not only rude the vernacular of the good old boys…. Them, is fighting words. To make matters worse, the term “Social Engineering” is a political process by which evil regimes arise, e.g. Nazism, or didn’t Newt the NUT think about that minute detail? And, it then, lofts him into the category of leftist stupidity. He also asserted this which I quote verbatim;
“I don’t think any right- wing social engineering is any more desirable then left – wing social engineering. I think imposing radical change from the right or left is a very good way for a free society to operate.” Mr. Gingrich in case you haven’t noticed, the late great American dream has, in fact, been radically changed by the leftist socialist fascists into federal government control over the voters. The small change Ryan is suggesting in the way of reformation is mere pittance in comparison to the radical change of the course required. In fact republicans, as a party, are doing – Too little….Too late.
To this end, these antics are typical of crony politicians. Moderate politicians are nuts which I have repeatedly warned about, they are our Constitutional enemy. These are the isle crossing, democrat negotiating RINO’s who represent weakness or, in other words, our enemy. And for the first time Newt Gingrich reeks with the stench of the phony crony’s in this corrupt Washington beltway. For the first time Chuck Schemer uttered a remark that made sense by saying Gingrich lives in the past, he has lost touch with how far right the republicans have moved. And the rational responsible right has “No time for Newts or…Moderate Nuts.
Therefore, if anyone thinks for one moment I lament chastising Gingrich, think again. These are hard times, hard times require hard decisions. Here is a clue for the clueless “The rational right must learn to fight” and, “kicking their asses out” a phrase I coined by the way. “Kick their asses out,” put an end to pluralistic phony crony moderate political Nuts. Then, and then only, can we turn this country around before it is, Too Late.

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