The Five Senses of Ignorance

The Five Senses of Ignorance
We live in a perception of ignorance, governed by five archaic senses, sight –smell –taste –touch and sound. The least accurate of which is sight. What is this thing that we call seeing? Is the adage “Seeing is believing” true? Or is it the way we look at things? [Pun intended]. The former is an illusion the latter the truth that matters. A skilled magician possesses the ability to create illusions through sleight of hand, misdirecting the mind and tricking the eye. Sight or seeing is illusive, often forming an impression which is then frozen in our mind, which then closes out any and all new concepts.
To undue that which is done requires an array of consciousness, or conversely, a shocking event, tragedy or even a near death experience, often, is required in order to break up the frozen concepts which become patterns of repeatability in our mind. Frozen concepts, such as attachments to symbols, such as money, cars, or, the ego status of a title, such as, President or Congressman, these status symbols will inevitably result in no self-growth. And therefore, if said concepts are not broken up; so that new and often higher thought patterns can emerge, a seeming tragedy may befall someone. Though the tragic event may be difficult, there is a reason for the event to occur in the first place; therefore it behoves us to pay attention to each events intention by learning the real reason for the event. I will explain further as we proceed.
As for the sensory perception of sight, here is what transpires. Sight or what we see is formed by quantum waves of light which travel through the human eye and are implanted on the retina in the back of the eye. These light photons are then translated to electrical signals where neutrons then travel to our vision center located in the lower rear of the brain. The vision center however, is quite small in comparison to the brains mass, only a few cubic centimetres in size.
So, what does this all have to do with anything? Lots, since several of the universes secrets unfold, providing we are paying attention. Cosmically, most of what we have learned in science has changed, thus leaving human’s creativity frozen in stone-like patterns repeatability. We can observe this through the basic uninformed scientific information handed down through generations. By this I mean, at one time travelling to other lands appeared, to the observer, as a conundrum to the scientist of the era, hence “There be monsters out there” syndrome, which, incidentally, was backed by the religious oligarchy in power.
To merely suggest the earth was round was considered heresy, which became the all-mighty Churches way of saying, “My way or the highway”. This way of thinking, of course, is closed mindedness de jure, and is, therefore, the very way in which progression is stymied and ceases to exist, so that, those with the power, retain their power. And the church was no different; in fact many atrocities were committed by the clergy in the name of “God”, by those of whom thought themselves holeyer then thou. So is there any wonder why the name of “God” bears a bleak connotation? And thus, I chose to refer to the all mighty as the “creator” which then, changes the imagery to one of whom, is benevolent, merciful, and just.
The power of the church was considerable, shortly before Newton’s birth, Galileo was seized by the Inquisition for declaring the earth revolved around the sun and for drawing, in their view, unacceptable theological concepts, which he depicted in his briefs, indicating, it was at that time, an erudite society of religiously myopic potentates. He –Galileo was precipitously forced to renounce his theories on penalty of imprisonment, or even worse, death. This action made a considerable impression upon many people of the era, among them, happens to be a contributor to what was then, modern science; he was a Frenchman by the name of Rene Descartes.
In 1630 Descartes visited the royal gardens at Versailles, because it was known for its intricate automata. Water was made to flow through elaborate fountains, music played whilst a great statue of Neptune complete with trident advanced forebodingly. Now, Descartes philosophy became rooted in mathematics which supported his theory that the universe and everything in it, were merely a mechanical device or automata. So, from that time on his great machine concept became a frozen pattern in the minds of scientists. Throughout the centuries to come they developed science specifically to discover, just how the great machine worked. And those of whom, held to the concept of a creator, who then created the universe, were tantamount to contemptuous religious fanatics by the scientific elitists. The hegemonies comprised of elitist scientific scholars cast asunder any notion of cosmic spirituality and plunged forth; for, with their idea that now, given the correct measurements, anything in the universe could be figured out. Well guys, guess again!
The point here being seeing or sight is a matter of observation, and what is observed today often, over time changes as the universal order of things change. And indeed, science is a form of power, consequently, what is being communicated, may, by today’s standards, not be the truth at-tall, or, for that matter, really reality. Joseph Weizenbaum, a scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, wrote, in reference to computers:
“Science promised man power….but as often happens when people are seduced by promises of power, the price is servitude to impotence. Power is nothing if it is not the power to choose”.
The frail five senses are subject to chicanery, or, the way we perceive things, and or events in accordance with the latest science of quantum physics. Physics have concluded the universal order is, not only not fixed or mechanical, it is both reciprocal and in constant motion. These are findings in the sub atomic world of photons; nonetheless however, it does not negate earlier findings, such as Newton’s law of motion, but it does nevertheless, vastly add vital information to the meaning of life itself or the reason mankind is here in three dimensions.
Weizenbaum correctly stated, true power lies with the self where it possesses the power to chose, which, unfortunately western society hast relinquished its freedom to choose to a governance controlled by secularist, consisting of dead humanism reliance upon the five senses of ignorance. Conversely, for over five thousand years spiritual insight has been pointing to the Tao, or “The Way”, Taoists, Hinduism, Buddhists and more recently, 2,013 years ago Judo-Christianity cautioned humanity to “Follow the spirit”, which was then, and now, to no avail. Eastern mystics are well known for their meditation that leads us to enlightenment. Enlightenment is merely universal truisms having to do with matter, or so called physical things. The universe is neither this way nor is it that, positive nor negative, it is therefore syncretic in substance and form. In other word, everything is as one.
So, it would suffice to say, that spirituality, in a way, is proven by Werner Heisenberg uncertainty principle which he founded in 1926, however, to spare you the pain of his critique I shall avoid it lest your eyes glaze over with boredom. In short, however, Stephen Hawking in his book A Brief History of Time sums it up this way; “Heisenberg’s discovery of the uncertainty principle is the fundamental, inescapable property of the world”. Meaning, the cosmos is alive.
In short, Hawking explains: “The more accurately one tries to measure the particles position, the less accurately one can measure its speed, and vice versa. And furthermore, Heisenberg showed that the uncertainty in the position of the particle times the uncertainty in its velocity times its mass can never be a certain quantity”. Which signify universal matter, in the form of particles, possess intelligence or a mind this is, as of late, critiqued in much of quantum physics, yet, the proliferation thereof, is still long coming.
And indeed, earthly man finds it easier to cling to the nostalgia of the five senses rather than letting go and letting God work through us. Why is this? One word “Fear”, since fear is devoid of faith, how then, could man have faith in the incorporeal, or the unmanifest, which is spirit? The answer is obvious; he can-not, since enlightenment cometh by hearing the spirit of the creator, whom, thought of, the heavens and the earth. Another way of understanding faith is this passage from scripture that I added today’s vernacular to:
“Faith is the substance of things hoped for [or in other words imagined] the evidence [or proof] of things not seen [which is spirit]. For by it [faith] the elders obtained a good report [from the creator]. Through faith we understand that the world [or universe] were framed [or ordained] by the word [or spirit] of God [or creator], so that things [or manifestation] which are seen [with the eye] were not made of things [or manifestations] which do appear”. LOL
This is the wisdom hidden within the pride of the arrogant and egotistical since it has more to do with enlightenment then understanding. Yet it is known to the mind of a child. So then, the question is; what is this thing mystic’s call enlightenment? Indeed it sounds as tho’ it is only for fat old men, with shaved heads, who sit around all day long, legs criss-crossed, palms up chanting Ohmmmmm, [breath] Ohmmmmm. Not so. Enlightenment simply means a revelation, an ah-ha! Moment as Einstein called it. And, as a matter of fact, tho’ written two thousand years ago, the scriptural explanation is in complete accord with what quantum physics discovered at the sub atomic level, where some secular physicists relent, that, what they are seeing is the spirit of matter, or spirit-matter.
One then, could conclude spiritual enlightenment taught by Buddhists and those of the Hindu faith has been a prelude to the new physics; a quasi equalitarianism between man and spirit-matter, where mankind finally learns separatism does not exist. But, enlightenment however, entails casting off the bondage of concepts which is the veil of ignorance in order to directly perceive the inexpressible nature of undifferentiated reality. And undifferentiated reality is the same reality we are part of right now and we always have been and always will be. However, enlightened beings, such as the Taoists who, without words spoken recognize spirit matter for truly what it is, the universes oneness. Conversely, Western society tries to explain the creator creation with words, trying, in vain, to describe the indescribable, which is an exercise in futility.
Still the truth remains, that in three dimensional space-time words are essential, Mark Twain said it best “The difference between the right words and the almost right words, is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” So, if one is speaking of using our words, thereby, the words are vibrations which we hear. Nevertheless, words cannot describe the inexpressible, such as love for example, since they are merely symbols of thought or things or feelings; in fact words are euphemisms for symbols, if you will. And symbols amplitude, at best is vague, and, for the most part, does not even come close to reality. Buddhist or Taoist when asked to describe who we are would respond “I am that I am, you are that you are, all that is that, and that is all there is”. But how did they know that! –pun intended. In his book The Dancing Wu Li Masters the author Gary Zukav spent time with both physicists and Wu Li or Eastern enlightenment Masters, he describes enlightenment the way I perceive enlightenment;
“If you are a happy person, then that is what you perfectly are. If you are an unhappy person then that is what you perfectly are –an unhappy person. If you are a person who is changing, then that is what you perfectly are –a person who is changing”. [This is where it gets real good]. “That which is is that which is. That which is not is that which is. There is nothing other than that which is. Everything is that which is. We are a part of that which is. In fact, we are that which is”. Which is why, when asked by Moses; “How shall I call you”, the creator of the heavens responded, “I am, that I am”. Period, end of sentence!
Whilst dutifully studying the phenomena of quantum physics, I had come to realize physicists’ interpretation of mystically influential information, articulated by physicists, is somewhat dizzying. Their brilliant minds however, contain a parochial view of their rather bazaar discovery’s, and they somehow seem to circumvent the heart of their findings, which is of course, its spirituality rather than the mumbo-jumbo of physics itself. It is my intention to illustrate the relationship between the mysticism of physics, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity; in order for one to comprehend the subject matter; therefore, I will, from time to time utilize excerpts from physics, I will however keep them to a minimum since, as I mentioned the point of this book is the spirituality in mysticism without the dogma of religiosity.
My ulterior motive, which I shall endeavour to communicate, is, in fact, “Hope and Change” so don’t roll your eyes back thinking, here goes another snow job, if you have the ears to hear, then hear what the spirit has to say. This is not the self righteous hope and change promised by the President. If you hear, or in this case read, with the eyes of the spirit, for some, not all, I may clear the fog of religion away and change your mind about walking in the spirit.
Here is a quote which has, and still does, make me say Wow! or Ah-ha! as the case may be.
In psychological terms, the incarnation of God means individuation. To the extent that one becomes aware of the transpersonal center of the psyche, the self, and lives out of that awareness, one can be said to incarnating the God-image.
Edward F. Edinger

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